Alienware Alpha: Amazing Things About Your Living Room Gaming Hardware

If you’re fond of desktop games, then you might have read all the Alienware Alpha reviews to know more about the gaming giant. The device carries a small, boxed-type appearance, but it carries the best processor for gaming to enthrall your entertainment experience. Read below to know some amazing things about your Alpha’s Steam Machine and learn to use it in an efficient way.

Dell, a popular gaming-PC maker, is now selling its new Alpha series that features capabilities of both gaming and a desktop computer. Undoubtedly, the gaming device is carrying an appearance of a console, but its functionalities and computing capabilities will not let you regret your decision. The Alienware Alpha is a strange PC-console hybrid, and it can efficiently do things that may seem impossible for other leading PC-gaming consoles. It is a gaming computer with low-to-medium tech specifications hidden in a portable, easy-to-carry box.

Read the article to know what all this mystery Alpha Steam Machine can do and how you can use it to enhance the overall gaming experience:

What All Your Living Room Gaming Hardware Can Do?

You can easily browse to the Alpha’s official website and read the tech specifications easily. It is the time to know about some of the exciting features of the gaming console that you are planning to buy. Apart from featuring a stylish appearance and the best processor for gaming, the Alpha series is popular for its various capabilities that you won’t see in any other gaming PC console.

Read the points below to know about the outstanding capabilities of your Alpha Steam Machine:

1. Capable of Playing Hundreds of Steam Games

The Alpha console can play over 500 controller supported games, and the best thing is that you can start playing them right from your living room’s couch. The device also supports the Steam’s cinematic-feeling Big Picture mode to take your gaming experience to another level. Most of the gaming experts claim that there are more 3,000 games on Steam that are fully compatible with the device’s Console Mode. The Alpha’s capability to bring PC gaming into family rooms impresses millions of users because it allows players to enjoy the freedom of spreading out in a room.

2. Plays Medium-To-High Specification Desktop Games

The baseline model of the Alpha series costs $499, and it has some limitations that you can expect from a computer of a similar price range. The console is capable of playing some of the PC games with medium-to-high specifications, but it may not be able to play the latest Call of Duty on high settings. You will need to compare the minimum and recommended specs of desired games with that of the Alpha to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

3. Switch From ‘Setup to Gameplay’ With Your Controller

You can utilize the Xbox 360 controller to navigate through the initial startup prompts and thus modify various settings. The controller also allows you to get to Steam by simply pressing a few buttons. You can enter into the ‘Settings’ section for managing the basic PC functions and security updates of the device. However, you will require a mouse if you wish to manage or change something that isn’t available in the ‘Settings’ menus.

4. Play Early Access games

The Alpha is playing some of the ‘Early Access’ games in a console setting to give an enthralling gaming experience. You may get surprised to know that these games are exclusively available on the Alpha Steam Machine, and you won’t find them on the PlayStation or Xbox consoles. The simple principle of the Alpha is that as long as you can see the game in your Steam library, you will be able to play it.

5. Freedom to Upgrade the Hardware

You can upgrade almost all of the Alpha’s hardware to enjoy a faster, smoother, and hassle-free gaming experience. The device allows you to boost the RAM to 16 GB, and you can also swap in new hard drives and the best CPU for gaming as well. You will need to ensure that all the hardware upgrades should work within the console’s small confines, and they should not void the Alpha’s warranty.

6. Allows to Use Peripherals

The Alpha supports the use of all PC peripherals and allows you to select the ones you like. You can easily pair up special controllers and headsets to enjoy your favorite desktop games. Adding PC peripherals to your gaming environment can help in transforming your living rooms into a gaming arena, which doesn’t have any boundaries.

7. Run Games in Full HD

Since gaming PCs are coming up with the concept of HD resolution, and the Alpha is not an exception to it. The small black box is capable of catering to the needs of magic pixel count number by setting the Alienware Alpha’s display resolution to 1080p. If the game runs at this resolution on a PC, then you will be able to enjoy the same contrast, brightness, and clarity on Alpha as well.


The manufacturers are marketing the product as a mouse-free device, but it comes with certain limitations that may disappoint you for some time. The Alpha series can function as everyday regular computer by simply switching to the Desktop Mode. The everyday computer incorporates a full version of Windows 8.1 and allows you to complete all the basic computing tasks with ease. All in all, the Alienware Alpha can do a lot of things apart from just playing your favorite desktop games in the living rooms.