Alienware M11X Review

Dell announc?? ? new thin ?nd l?ght w?ighted l??t?p f?r th?s? people wh? w?nt t? l?ve ?lay?ng g?m?s on the l??t?p. Th?? is truly ? great ma?hine wh?ch i? ava?l?ble in h?nd f?r gamer?. The 11.6 ?nch ??r??n di?play w?th ?ow?rful gr??hi?? ?nd p?w?rful pro?essor give? a wonderful ?la?ing ?x?eri?n??.

Th? D?ll Alienware M11x was f?r?t ?ntr?du??d ?n C?n?um?r Ele?tr?ni?? Sh?w 2010 ?t Las Veg??. Th?? ?r?duct ?s develo?ed b? Ali?nwar? whi?h i? ? d?ughter ?om?any ?f Dell. Th? main motto behind m?nuf?ctur?ng of th?? produ?t is to g?t rid ?ut ?f th??? bulk? gam?ng PC’s ?nd to prov?d? the ?ust?m?r p?rt?bl? l??to? s? that th?y can h?v? fun ?n?wh?re the? want.


* U? t? Intel C?re™2 Du? SU7300 (1.3GHz, 800 MHz, 3 MB)

* 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® G?F?r??® GT 335M

* 11.6″ ?dge-to-edg? LCD

* Up to 8GB DDR33 1066MHz

* U? t? 500GB4 7200RPM or 256GB S?l?d State Dr?ve

* G?nuin? W?nd?w?® 7 Ult?m?te (64-b?t)

* 802.11 b/g/n & O?tion?l Int?rnal WWAN

* HDMI / VGA / 3 USB / Med?a C?rd R?ad?r / FireWir?

* Batt?ry L?fe: Up to 6.5 Hours of B?ttery L?f?


Thi? l??t?? ??n?t?tut?? ?f tw? ?ro????or?. Int?l

® Core™2 Du? SU7300 ?? ? very p?w?rful ?r?ce??or ?nd ?? am?ng the l?test ver?i?n? ?f Intel C?r??r?t??n. Thi? pr?????or is used t? d? d??l? e???nt??l ?om?ut?ng n??d? wh?le ?f y?u w?nt to ?l?y g?me? ?u?t do Fn+F6 k??. Th?s k?y w?ll ?t?rt NVIDIA® GeF?r??® GT 335M wh?ch ?? u?ed to ?la? g?m? ?nd y?u ne?d not to re?t?rt ?t. Th? HDD ?f 500GB is a very g?od mem?r? ?rov?d?d by this l??t??. St?re l?t of gam?? ????rd?ng t? y?ur w?sh. The RPM spe?d ?f th? HDD will make f?st ?cces?ing ?f your f?l?s. In t?rms of t??hn?c?l ??e?ifi??tions th?s la?top ?? p?rfe?t f?r y?u.

Thin ?nd ??rtabl?

Dell Alienw?r? M11x ?? ? ultra ??rtable ?nd light w?ighted l?pt?p whi?h ?? v?ry eas? t? ??rr? ?n?wh?re you w?nt. If ??u ??m?are w?th oth?r la?tops ?ou will f?nd th?t th?s l?pto? i? ?l?mm?r than an? ?th?r brand. Th? weighted ?f 4.6 ?ound? c?n b? the ?oint f?r s?m? att?ntion.

B?tter? lif?

Th? b?tt?r? l?fe of 6.5 hr? i? being giv?n with the p??nt ?n m?nd t? g?v? ?ou non-stop fun. En??? ?our g?mes, movie?, mus?? ?r ??ng? w?th g?rg??us b?tt?r? l?f? ?v?n wh?n ??u are tr?vell?ng. N? u?? t? plug ?t f?r hr?. but ?n? thing ??u should k??? ?n m?nd that ??ur batter? w?ll w?rk 2 hr?. l?s? th?n normal time.

La?t ??ar D?ll r?l??sed the Ali?nware ?olle?tion of la?to?? in South Afric?. Al?enw?re h?s be?n re?ogn?z?d f?r th?ir l?n? ?f g?ming n?t?b??ks.

Al?enw?r? h?? de?ir?d t? d?term?n? its?lf ?n th? g?ming l?ptop ?n market for ??v?r?l ???r?. It we?ght 5.3kg, f?r th??r m?bil? 15 ?n?h la?t?p.

The Al??nw?r? M11x ha? 2 gr?phics ?d?pt?r?, 1 Intel ba??d ?nd th? ?th?r Nv?d?a based. At fir?t ?ou turn?d b?tw?en tw? by pu?hing ? v?r?et? of k???, but after Nv?d??’s te?hn?log? turned ?ff?r?d D?ll int?grat?d th?s into n?w type? ?f th? not?b?ok.

When ??wer?d up, l?ght? flow from diff?r?nt l???t??ns within th? b?d? ?nd all thes? ??uld be c?nf?gured. Differ?nt c?l?rs and ?tr?be d?s?gns m?y all b? s?tu? with th? ?n?lud?d ?r?gr?m.

The b?d? ?l?ne ?? ?trong and ?ls? the k??bo?rd hardl? has ?ny b?nd. That’s, it d??? not b?nd ? lot whil? ty?ing ?nt? ?t. It’? defin?t?ly n?t th? b??t noteb?ok k??board ?n e?rth, how?v?r it ty?es eas?ly enough.

The t?u?h pad m?re?ver do?? n?t run ?nt? ?s th? be?t ca?h can ?urcha??. It d???n’t h?ve ? ??nt?r click button ?nd ?t d??sn’t ap?ear t? ??rv??? multi touch act??ns.

Perform?nc? ch?ra?teri?ti??

Wh?n we te?t the gam?ng ?ffi???n?y of th? dev??? w? were slightly unh??p? at f?r?t.

It ??pe?r?d that th? Nv?di? 335M GeF?r?e gra?h?cs card mu?t be p?rf?rm?ng a l?t better th?n we wer? ?x?erien??ng, th?t br?ught u? to f?nd ?ut that the n?t?book w?? ???k?d with a r???on?bl? aged ed?ti?n of Nv?d??’s ?ard gr??h?c? driv?r.

Onc? the drivers were u?grad?d to ver??on 257.30 we n?t?ced a ?xtreme ?nh?n?em?nt ?n g?m? ??rf?rm?n?e.

Even gra?h???ll? inten?? games lik? M?tr? 2033 a?pe?red to run v?r? w?ll.

It’? valu? not?ng th?t Steam n?ted ? d?ff?cult? with the gr??h??? card wh?n ?t?rt?ng gam??.

Th?t ?s pr?b?bl? du? to th? Nv?d?a t??hn?log? k??k?ng ?n ?ust ?fter the g?m? ?s l?unch?d.

The l?rg??t d?sadv?ntag? to th? un?t we ex?m?n?d ?? ?t just d?l?v?r?d with 2GB RAM. It d?e?n’t l?ok l?k? ?t w?ll b? ? pr?bl?m a? Dell ?uggest?d th?t th? pr? c?nstru?ted d?vic?s off?red in South Afr?c? m?y hav? 4GB RAM. Def?c?en?? of o?ti??l dr?v? m?? ?l?o become ? deal bre?k?r f?r ? f?w, however ?t ?ould b? ?ured to ? l?v?l h?ving ?n ext?r??r USB dr?ve.

Ov?r?ll th? Ali?nwar? M11x i? ? g?m?ng s?lid n?t?b??k, th?ugh ? t?uch on th? ???tly ??d? ?nd m?yb? ? l?ttl? sh?wy f?r som?. H?rd c?r? PC pla?ers might b? gr?at?r ?ff?red with ? d??kt?p ??m?ut?r th?y ????mbl?d ?n the?r ?wn.

The Al??nw?r? M11x g?ming l?pt?p ?s one ?f th? m??t ???ul?r Al?enwar? ??m?uter? ?va?l?bl?. Pr?b?bl? the b?gge?t rea??n ?? th?t for a g?ming ?omput?r, th?s on? is lightwe?ght, at 4.5 ?ounds. Th?s ma? not ???m th?t l?ghtwe?ght, but for a gam?ng ??m?ut?r, ?t i?.

Th?t mak?s it m?r? vers?til? than m??t b?gg?r g?m?ng pc?, be??u?e it’? ???ier t? t?k? it ?lac?s, t? s?h?ol, ?r t? pl?? g?mes with fr?end?. G?ming c?m?uters ?? ? wh?l? are n?t ? l?ght com?ut?r, since th?? h?v? so mu?h l?aded ?n them t? make g?m?-?lay?ng ?? real.

But th? Alienw?re is not ju?t for g?m?ng. Stud?nts u?? ?t f?r t?k?ng not?? ?n school, d??ng th??r homew?rk on it, ?nd f?r g?m?-?l??ing, t??. Th?r? are m?n? re?son? th?t Al??nw?r? h?? ?uch a go?d re?ut?t??n, ?nd h?r? ?r? ? few h?ghl?ght? ?f th? M11x:

1. Aw?som? p?rf?rm?n?? and p?wer. Th?re ?r? so man? stand?rd ‘extr??’ th?t mak? th?s gam?ng m?chin? th? b?st. St?rt?ng w?th th? basic?, thi? i? load?d w?th the Int?l Cor? ?7. It h?? m?r? proc??s?ng p?w?r th?n m??t 14′ l??to??.

And ?t h?s ? w?nd?rful 3D hi-def 720-p?x?l ?cr??n di?pla? for th? max ?l?ar, cl?an v??w. Th?? ?nd the ??und s??tem ar? what pull? y?u ?nto the game and mak? ?ou f??l lik? you’re ther? r?ght ?n the m?ddl? ?f ?t.

And th?? 11′ gam?ng l??t?? ?omes w?th th? DDR3 gra?h??? p??k?g?, quit? im?ress?v? f?r a smaller ?om?uter. This ?ackage ?llow? f?r ?u??r-gre?t v??uals, ?nd s?nc? th?r?’? 16GB ?f du?l chann?l DDR3, ?t’s ea?? to multi-t??k.

Th? ?ound ???tem ?nclud?? built-in fr?nt ?pe?k?r?, one of th? be?t f?r ?n 11′, w?th ?ntern?l h?-d?f surr?und ??und. Connect ????ly t? the ?nt?rnet w?th an extremely fa?t wi-fi ?onn??t?on, or o?t for m?b?le br?adband ?? y?u ??n ?l?y aw?y fr?m home.

2. The Command C?nt?r. Th?s ??rt ju?t pl??n ?ld l?ok? gr??t. It ?how? u? like ? r??ll? col?rful co?k??t. Y?u g? ?n h?r?, and th?? ?? wh?re you s?t up ev?r?th?ng t? ??r??naliz? and customiz? your g?ming ??stem. In th? C?mmand C?nt?r, ?ou ?ontr?l th?:

• L?ght?ng – Differ?nt z?n?? ?r? m?n?g?d w?thin th? l?ghting c?nter. You ??n ?hange ?ny c?l?r? th?t ?h?w u? ?s r?d ?n th? com?uter. Th? lights ?nd tr?m ?n the ?uts?d?, t? the k??bo?rd, wh?ch ??n even b? ?h?ng?d to r??nb?w ?olor?.

• Pow?r Man?g?m?nt – Thi? ?ets u? m?x ?l?y perf?rmanc?, s? th?t ??u can ???le ba?k ??ur pow?r wh?n ?t’s not n??ded, or ram? ?t u? ?f y?u ne?d more f?r ??rt?in g?me?, l?ke WOW.

• T?u?hp?d – C?ntr?l ??n??tivit? ?nd s?r?lling thr?ugh h?r?, ?o ?ou d?n’t a?c?dent?ll? ?et off ??mething in ? g?m? that you d?n’t me?n to.

A ??u?le ?f ?ther things ?r? w?rth ment??ning. F?r?t ?f ?ll, th?s i? ? lov?ly, ?tat?-of-th?-?rt ?te?lthlik? g?ming lapt?p. It u?u?ll? come? ?n bl?ck, ?lth?ugh ?ou ?an s?m?tim?? get ?t ?n r?d, to?. It h?? red h?adl?ght? ?nd tr?m th?t l?ght up all ?r?und. Y?ur fr?end? w?ll be ?? je?l?u?, th??’ll want on? ju?t be??u?e ?t l??k? so ??ol.

It al?? ??m?s w?th ? cust?m engr?v?d nam? pl?t?. S?me pl???? will engr?ve ?t f?r ??u, s?met?m?s ?ou’ll h?v? t? do it. You c?n ?er??naliz? ?t w?th ??ur n?m? or ?ther ?nf?rmati?n like ‘K?ep Y?ur H?nd? Off or D??’. Som?th?ng l?k? th?t.

All ?n ?ll, ??u’ll hav? ? gre?t t?m? with th?? ?n?. If you’r? lo?k?ng for port?b?l?t?, sp??d, ?nd ?ll-time gr?at gra?hic?, b? ?ur? to l??k at the Ali?nware M11x gam?ng lapt??.

Th? Ali?nwar? M11x was built r?ght f?r ?t? pur??s?. It h?s br?ught b?ck th? ?xcit?m?nt ?f l??t?? g?ming. Lapt?p gam?r? l?ke m? n?w h?v? ??mething m?re t? k??? th?t ?drenal?n? ru?h ?n th? u?. This Al??nw?re M11x r?view r?ve?l? ?ome ?f the f??tur?s th?t ?ome w?th th?s m??hine th?t make it mu?h mor? ?xc?ting f?r g?ming.

The Al??nw?r? M11x i? ?u?t ?mall ?nough t? f?t th? sm?ll fo?d tra? in an ??r?lan? while le?v?ng ?n?ugh ??ac? f?r y?ur s?da b?ttl? and th?t bag on p?anut? th?t ?ou l?v? to e?t. It ?l?o w??gh? sl?ghtl? le?? that 4.5??unds. Su?h-l?ke ?mall g?m?ng notebook? ?re v?ry rar? t? ?om? ??ro?s. It most ?mportantl? ?om?? ?n h?nd? for g?m?r? who travel ? lot. Th? Alienwar? M11x do?sn’t ?ub?titute g?od ?erforman?? for s?z?. It c?m?s w?th b?th, ? sm?ll siz? ?nd gre?t p?rformance. It has ?nough ?ower to run th? lat?st gam?? smo?thly. Y?u ?an c?mb?n? the int?l ?ore i7 640UM wh?ch is ??ti?n?l and 1GB NVIDIA GeF?r?e GT 335M GPU t? intensify y?ur g?m?ng ?x??r??n??. It f??tur?? a 1366 b? 768-??x?l r???lution ?creen whi?h ?? well ?bov? p?r ??n?ider?ng ?t? ?iz?.

Wh?t I lik? m??t ?b?ut th? Ali?nware M11x ?? th? LED lighting ?ff?ct on ?ts keyboard. The k?yboard ?? ?n? t?t?ll? d?sign?d for g?ming. Th? l??k ?nd feel ?f ?t ?? ?u?t r?ght. What m?k?? ?t ?ven b?tter i? the fact th?t y?u can b? ?ble t? ?hange th? ke?b??rd ba?kl?ght t? ?n? ??l?r ?ou wi?h. Talk ?bout innov?ti?n! Th? Al?enwar? l?g?, the ??wer butt?n, status ?nd???t?r ?nd even the sp?aker ?ls? hav? LED b??klight?ng wh??h make? gam?ng ?n th?s ma?h?n? complet?ly w?rth y?ur t?me. U?e ?t ?n ? d?rk room ?nd ?ou w?ll m??t prob?bl? n?ver want t? ??? da?l?ght.

T? ?um ?t ?ll up, th?s i? a w?nd?rful ???ce ?f gam?ng n?t?b??k that h?s ??m? more br?lliant fe?tur?? not m?nt?oned in this Al??nw?re M11x review, and is well abov? ?ar wh?n ?t com?s t? gaming. W?th ? ?tarting pr??? ?f $799 it a bit ?xp?ns?ve ??mp?r?d t? a t???cal not?b??k. Y?u could h?wev?r t?ke ?dv?ntag? ?f dis??unt c?upons ?nl?ne to f?nd ? g??d d??l.

When?v?r ?e?pl? he?r ?f ??mething th?t the? f?el h?? got ? ?tr?nge n?m?, the? ?lw?y? tr? to ?m?g?n? wh?t the thing ?s. Th?ng? are n?t in ?n? w?? d?ff?rent when ?t c?m?s t? thos? peo?l? h??r ?f th? Alienw?r? M11x for the first t?m?. A l?t ?f ????le t?nd to th?nk th?t ?t ?? a m?n?ter machin?. W?ll, in r??l ??n?? th?? ar? r?ally n?t that f?r from th? truth. In fa?t, th?re are v?r? f?w word? th?t ?an de??r?be the m??hin? a? g??d as th? word m?n?ter when it c?me? t? ‘??nsum?ng’ th? ?roblem th?t ?? ?h?ad ?f ??u.

Th? f?r?t thing th?t ??u ?hould kn?w ?? th?t this ?s n?t th? m?ch?n? th?t w?ll t??kl? ??ur f??t when ?ou ?r? thinking ?f ? g??d l??t?? t? giv? to y?ur twelve ??ar ?ld ??m?uter geek wh? want? l??to? t? h?lp h?m handle hi? scho?l work. Thi? i? ? ?urel? gam?ng ??m?uter ?nd ?verything ?n ?t ha? be?n g??r?d t?ward? gam?ng; noth?ng ?l?e. Th?? m??ns th?t th? Al??nw?r? M11x ?? a ?omput?r that h?? ?u?t b??n d???gn?d to en?ur? that ??u get ? thr?lling ?x??r?en?? when ??u pl?? com?ut?r g?m?? ?n it. Now, th?t i? something that ?? worth t?lking ?b?ut.

On? thing th?t m?k?? the Ali?nwar? M11x ?t?nd ?ut howev?r is th? f??t th?t the c?mputer go?? ? l?ng wa? in ?n?bl?ng you t? ?la? gr?at g?m?s on an ultr? ??rt?ble ?omput?r. Y?s, thi? ?s ?n? ?f th?se laptop? which you ?an e?sil? m?v? ?r?und w?th ?nd ?t?ll pl?? ??ur g?m?? ?n ?t. Normally, ?ou will f?nd th?t ?nly tho?? la?to?? which ?re big and h?av? are perf??t f?r g?m?ng. H?w?v?r w?th th?s n?w ?tunn?ng m?del, th? Alienw?re M11x i? ? g?m?ng netb??k, so t? ?pe?k.

The good th?ng h?wev?r is th?t w?th th? ?mall com?uter ??re?n, (11 inches,) ??u ??n g?t t? bu? it f?r ?nl? $1,000. Definitel?, I w?uld n?t l?k? t? ??y that th?? ?? a ?mall ?m?unt of mon??. H?wever t? be h?ne?t, d?ff?r?nt g?ming n?t?bo?ks ?re u?uall? qu?t? ex?ensiv? – and ?r? b?yond th? $1,000 m?rk.

In th?s ?r?duct, ??u w?ll f?nd a l?t of fe?tur?s th?t ??u w?ll d?finit?l? not f?nd an?wher? else. The truth i? th?t the Alienware M11x ?s ?ne ?f ?t? kinds ?nd ?t ?s v?ry d?ffi?ult f?r a c?m?et?t?r t? c?m a b??t the kind ?f d??l th?t ?? being ?ff?red thr?ugh ?t. S? if th?? is the ?r?duct that ?ou hav? b?en wait?ng f?r, you c?n bu? ?t n?w at thi? ?fford?bl? ?r?ce.

For pra?t?cal re?sons, ?t ?s qu?t? d?ff??ult for an?on? t? wr?te ?ver?th?ng ?bout thi? m??h?n? in a sh?rt Alienware M11x r?v?ew. How?v?r, ?f ?ou would l?k? t? get the Ali?nw?r? M11x I w?uld ?dv?se y?u t? lay y?ur h?nds ?n ?t ?s ??on ?s it ?? ???s?bl?.

Ther? ?ren’t ? l?t ?f p?w?rful gam?ng lapt??s ?n th? mark?t, ?? th? Alienw?re M11x ?s ver? ?m?res?ive. Th?? s?stem ?a?k? a lot of h?gh ?erf?rm?nc? ?nd s?e?d. It’s a gr??t ?pt??n for thos? who f?nd the Al??nwar? d?skt?p m?del? to? l?rg? ?nd he?vy. And, d?s??t? h?ving s? man? com?onent?, th?? l??to? i? surpr?s?ngly ?mall. It’? an 11.6′ mod?l th?t weigh? le?? than 5 p?unds. Th? ??l?r ch??c?s are C??m?? Bl?ck and Lun?r Silv?r.

Th?s ?? ? h?ghl? cu?t?m?z?bl? ?om?uter. You ??n ?dd ?ll the h?rdw?r?, ??ftwar?, ?nd upgr?d?? a? ?ou w?nt. Ju?t m?ke sure y?u ?rd?r ?nline so that ?ou ??n u?e Al??nw?re M11x ?ou??ns through th? ?t?re’? web?it?. The b??t ?ff?r? ?r? ?x?lus?vely ?va?l?bl? on the ?nt?rnet and nowh?r? ?ls?. The ?t?rting ?r??? i? $799, ?nd it ??n g? u? ??s?ly d?p?nding ?n h?w y?u ?hoos? t? cu?t?mize it.

D?e? ?t off?r en?ugh ??rf?rmance ?t ?t? ?ric?? Well, l?t’s tak? ? l?ok ?t th? det?il?:

• ULV C?r? 2 Du? ?t 1.3 GHz

• NVIDIA G?F?rce GT335M ?t 1 GB

• 6.5 h?ur? ?f b?tt?r? lif?

• 8 GB DDR3 mem?r? at 1066 GHz

• Y?ur ch??ce ?f 256 GB SSHD ?r 500 GB4

• 11.6′ LCD ??r??n

• 2 hour? of ?tr??ght gam?ng wh?n ?n batt?r? pow?r

Obv?ousl?, y?u ?an get ? l?t ?ut of thi? lapt?p. It come? with ? l?t m?r? p?wer and sp??d than ?ther? ?ut on the m?rket. One im??rt?nt thing t? n?t? ?n an Ali?nw?r? M11x rev??w ?? th? wid? arra? of p?rts: HDMI, ?ard r??d?r, USB p?rt?, D??pla? P?rt, F?reW?r? j??k, tw? h??d?hone ??rts, ?t?. Thi? la?t?? ma? b? ? bit m?r? c??tly than oth?r?, but ?t come? w?th a whol? lot m?r? a? w?ll!

Your b??t bet ?s t? ?rd?r th?? l??t?p ?nl?ne s? th?t ??u can m?k? u?? of num?rou? Al??nw?r? M11x ?ou?on?. You w?ll be ?bl? t? upgr?d? all y?u w?nt w?th?ut g?ing ?v?r ??ur budget. Th?r? ?re s?m? r??lly g??d