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All about Dominica Economic Citizenship program

The Dominica Economic Citizenship program grants Dominican residency to individuals and families in exchange for investment fee. The program was orignally initiated by government in 1993 and isn’t a passport scam or any other fake means to hoard money from applicants. All applications for “Commonwealth of Dominica” and passport programs are conducted by government approved agents.


Program details

One maybe bestowed with Dominican citizenship if he fulfils one or all of four primary traditions. These are;

  1. By the right of soil – If you’re born in Dominica, citizenship is automatically granted.
  2. By the right of blood – Nationality is bestowed to an individual based on ancestry if one or both parents are born in Dominica.
  3. By registration – If you’ve been married to a Dominican national for five years or residing in the country for seven years or more; you may be eligible for citizenship via registration.
  4. By naturalisation – If you managed to gain Dominican residency in a way other than those mentioned above, you’ll be considered a legal national. For example, applying through Dominica Economic Citizenship program.

Benefits of the program & passport uses

  1. Easy travel options – Being an island nation that’s economically, socially and politically stable with no war or controversial ties with any other country, Dominica citizens enjoy hassle-free travel and aren’t mistreated on basis of nationality.
  2. Visa free travel – Dominican passport holders can enjoy visa free travel to over 100 countries worldwide. Even where visas are needed, they’re easily obtainable!
  3. Wealth management & tax strategy – Dual citizenship is a legal and excellent means to minimise taxes. Revenue that’s being generated outside Dominica is free of tax with no capital gains, inheritance or any other tax.
  4. Safety & security – Dominican second citizenship allow you to live freely within the country devoid of socio-political conflicts or civil unrest.

Some other benefits are;

  • Dual citizenship is permitted in Dominica so you don’t need to denounce or annul other nationalities for its sake.
  • No sophisticated or prolonged residency terms.
  • Naturalised citizens have equal rights as other nationals.
  • Second passport and residency program is affordable as compared to many different countries.
  • Like other programs, application procedure is highly confidential so applicant needs not to fear from exchange of information.
  • Dominican citizenship is awarded for lifetime.

Commonwealth of Dominica – Benefits of second passport

Dominican passport is official travel document identifying holder as a legal citizen of Dominica. Passport holder is considered a valid traveller while it’s issued only by Ministry of Immigration and can’t be purchased from online resources. Here’re a few direct benefits of getting a Dominican passport with many economic residency;

  • Passport application fees is added to agents fee
  • For children of age 16 or under, Dominican passport is valid for a term of five to ten years.
  • Passport application is highly confidential and not disclosed to anyone.

Background of Dominica citizenship program

Primary reason for initiation of the program is economic stability. Revenue generated from the Dominica citizenship by investment program is channelled directly into social reforms and development projects such as schools, hospitals, agriculture, IT, tourism and promotion of foreign sector so on.


By looking at the features of Dominican economic citizenship program, we can conclude that it outlast several others without compromising on integrity and reliability!

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