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All about Driver jobs in Mumbai

Driving is a profession by choice or due to circumstances. Some people join the profession of Driving due to their passion to drive cars and heavy vehicles. They are fond of travelling to new places and some join due to unavailability of better profession for themselves due to any qualification or professional degree. Are you among those searching for driver jobs in Mumbai? It seems you are on the right page, here we will be discussing about various jobs availability in the city and the qualification or exposure required for it.

Mumbai City:

The city is the Capital city of the State Maharashtra and famous due to bollywood movies and tourist attraction .Various tourists travel the city to visit the famous places in the city. It is located near the beaches so provide a beautiful view at the night for the visitors across the globe. The city is also considered a business hub for people related to fashion Industry. So lots of people are visiting the city on daily basis through, Cars, buses, trains or airways which commute within the city through local transportation. Taxis, bus and trains are considered as the best option to travel within the Mumbai city. This is the reason number of people look for driver jobs in Mumbai and employment availability is huge in the city.

How to search Driver Job?

Now you need to understand how to search for driver jobs in Mumbai. First, you should have a driving license for the vehicle you are planning to apply as a driver. The licensing process can be initiated while applying to the License Certification department and you need to appear for a test .After clearance of the test, a driving license certificate is provided, after which you can apply for any driver jobs in Mumbai.

Listing of driver jobs is easily available on the web or newspaper, agencies, etc.You need to track a reliable channel to get the best driver job in the city. If you are willing to share a percentage of your salary with an agency, you should contact local agencies which provide drivers in the various Schools, taxis or Companies. They have a legal agreement with the companies to provide a regular supply of the driver manpower to them. You will be able to get a job easily applying through an agency. But the only problem is to share a percentage of your salary amount as their fees on a regular basis.Back ground verification is a very complex step before getting any driver jobs in Mumbai.You should keep your past track record clear to get a Positive certificate in the verification process.

Secondly you can apply for the job through the posting available in the newspapers. Companies who want to hire directly without intervention of the agencies list their opening in the newspapers

.You can join as a school bus driver , taxi driver or bus driver depending on the salary and your convenience.

To become a driver you need not to have any degree or certificate , so it is considered best part time jobs for the students who want to earn some money while studying.The job can be done as a part time of a full time driver.

School bus driver enjoys a very comfortable working hours and can work as a part time anywhere to earn additional income too.If you are planning to become a taxi driver , income is more in comparison to other driving jobs but working hours are long and odd.You need to sometime drive during the night due to the client requirement in the peak season.So choose the category wisely.

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