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Predisposition, diet, inadequate care, fatigue, stress …… It acts as detonator explosive cocktail of dandruff. So how to overcome this unsightly phenomenon without taking the head?

  • The formation of dandruff
  • Dandruff: factors and associated disorders
  • Oily dandruff or dry?
  • How to treat dandruff?

The formation of dandruff

The epidermis is composed of cell layers that are renewed every 21 days. The cells undergo a skin life cycle leading to cell death and their detachment from the skin is called desquamation. The face, the body but also the scalp are subjected to microscopic phenomenon. In some cases, dead cells accumulate and become visible. On the scalp, dandruff is.

Dandruff: factors and associated disorders

The films are due to cellular stress resulting in an acceleration of cell renewal cycle and thus accumulation leather hair clumps of dead cells. Cellular stress, Kezako? A phenomenon related to nervousness, fatigue, hair care inadequate or poor food hygiene . Dandruff are sometimes grafted dehydration of the scalp, itching, seborrhoea (oily hair) or hair loss .a

Oily dandruff or dry?

How to recognize them?

  • The dry films are thin and separate from the scalp (usually too dry), while oily dandruff and itchy join.
  • Dry dandruff, small and very white, falling “like snow on the shoulders” when her hair. Oily dandruff are much larger because they clump together, using their sebum “glue”. They form a kind of compact mud asphyxiation scalp and can cause in the long run, the fall of the hair. Hence the need to treat …

How to treat dandruff?

Dandruff spoil you life? When fine and dry, a simple shampoo dandruff can be remedied: based antifungal chemical or natural substance that fights against fungi , it can eliminate the problem at its root (this is the case say!) while soothing the scalp. If your dandruff is oily, go for an antifungal powerful form of treatment, shampoo and poultice.

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