All about Muay Thai and how to choose the right training program!

The fighting art that originated from Thailand is called as Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. The martial art was developed when the country was in stages of formation. The main weapons used during that period were spears and knives. Then the Siamese came up with their own hand to hand style for close range combat which used elbows and knees as primary weapons apart from hands and feet. So when you’re learning Muay Thai, you’re actually learning a form of art of war.

Muay Thai needs striking knees and elbows, so if you want to learn it at the Muay Thai Thailand Camp, you should first get into good physical condition.

So willing to learn this art, but clueless where to start?
You need to find the right Muay Thai gym to get started. When you look for the training gym you need to be clear about what you’re goals are for enrolling in this sport art. Is fitness your main goal? Or weight loss? Or do you want to learn is just for self-defense or because you want to become a professional fighter?

Below tips can help you choose the right Muay Thai gym according to your goals.
Necessary equipment for cardio conditioning and strength training:

  • If you want to be flexible and have the fighting power, then you need effective strength training. So see if the gym equipment such as dumbbells, free weights, and barbells, slip-on weights that can help in increasing strength levels as well. Make sure they have a chin-up bar that can be very useful for biceps and back for getting stronger for the sport. Though cardio isn’t really important the gym must definitely have equipment that you would need for warm up such as treadmills and enough space for push-ups and other quick warm up sessions.

Right Equipment for Fight Training:

  • A good Muay Thai gym will have bags and balls for punch training and kick training. The most essential equipment they must have is hanging bags required for all round training and could be used for low kicks and other strike types. Look for pads and kick shields.

Boxing Ring:

  • Boxing ring is the most essential part of an effective Muay Thai training and just getting trained on the floor won’t do much. At least a small ring should be there to learn how to more around and become dominant inside the ring.

Staff Expertise and their Availability:

  • Take time to research about the trainer in the gym. Whether they are actually an experienced fighter or someone amateur just trying to make profit. Start off by looking on their website and ask questions regarding the timings the trainer is available.

Finally when you visit a gym, talk to the clients and check with them if the gym has really helped them learn the skill. No matter what your goals, keep in mind these basics if you don’t want to waste your time and money on something that can’t help you.