All-Terrain Vehicle – Two Wheel Drive Motorbike

If you’re looking at an all-terrain vehicle two wheel drive motorbike, there’s a good chance you’re looking at the Rokon Scout, although there are a few alternatives out there. You’ll find they are really unique and interesting, in an otherwise boring world of four wheeled ATV’s. In this article, I’d like to go over this unique and interesting cycle in greater detail.

What Makes a Rokon Unique?

Listed below are just a few of the reasons a two wheel drive all-terrain motorcycle is something you might want to consider.

Two Wheel Drive: Unlike motorcycles, both the front and back wheels turn on their own. This means you’re less likely to get stuck and it improves the power and pulling ability of the motorbike. You’ll be surprised at what these things are capable of doing.

Incredible Power: One of the older models was the MotoTractor. While it only had a 6.6 horsepower Kohler engine on it, the unit was geared to provide great torque and power. It acted as a mini-tractor of sorts, since it could pull around trailers and equipment with ease.

Huge Tires: These things have thick, knobby tires on them that can push through the mud or snow and not get stuck in the process. It’s one of the most capable ATV’s you’ll find and it only has two wheels. You’ll get through deep slop with ease.

S-L-O-W: Don’t expect to go fast one of these; they aren’t made for speed. These things are made for power, climbing steep grades, and working on the farm, around the ranch, or in the woods. While there are three speed ranges, they are not going to be confused with speed demons at any point.

Are They Cheap?

In a word – no. The Trail 2×2 will run you at least $6,000 new, but you can find them for a lot less if you go used. While this might sound expensive, it is a little less than a comparable four wheeler and it’s really unique, so they do hold their value better than traditional ATV’s.

Alternatives to Rokon

Rokon might hold the bulk of the market, but they aren’t the only ones in the 2×2 market. Listed below are some of the alternatives you might want to keep in mind.

Christini: This is more of a cycle than an ATV, but it is two wheel drive. They provide units for the US military as well, and the products are high quality. It is good for off-road use, with knobby, aggressive tires. He takes a Honda 450 and uses hydraulics to get power to the front wheel.

Coming Soon: Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and KTM are all working on making their own AWD motorcycles. They will soon be competing with Christini and Rokon.

As you can see, the all-terrain two wheel drive motorbike is becoming more popular.