All Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Supplier

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry business is a good source of extra income. Both business men and women enter this field for they find it a profitable form of business. Compared to other types of businesses, it doesn’t require huge amount of capital. If you feel that you have what it takes to run a jewelry business, then start working on a plan.

Why silver jewelry? Sterling silver is used to accessorize and enhance wardrobe. Males, females, kids, teens and adults go crazy about it. They collect or give it as a gift for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. No matter what the occasion is, it can pass for a perfect gift that will surely delight the receiver. This is the reason why most people venture into this type of business. Easy to manage, doesn’t require large amount of capital and very in demand. But before engaging in this line of business, here are some pointers that you need to consider.

Why Wholesale? Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is priced much lower. Purchasing few items with regular price is expensive. Instead of doing such, it is advised to buy wholesale. When you buy wholesale, the cost becomes affordable allowing you to resell it higher than the original cost. The add up cost basically depends on your expenditures, you can raise the cost twice or thrice the price to earn profits. The reason why you engage in business is not only to provide high quality jewelry but at the same time to earn extra cash. And selling silver is a great way to earn not just extra cash but full income.

Choose the right collection. Silver jewelry comes in various styles, designs, patterns, hues and accents. Some are celebrity inspired, tiffany inspired, designer inspired and other replicas inspired from famous movies. Make it a point to see what is new. Read fashion magazines to have an idea of what would be the next trend. Offer new designs and classics so you can cater to shoppers with different needs. Some like plain silver jewelry while others prefer glittering pieces accented with beads, crystals, freshwater pearls, and cubic zirconia stones. Some seek for gold, rhodium and rose gold, and vermeil plated sterling silver. Provide chains with different lengths, rings with different sizes and bangles with different widths. This way, your customers don’t need to jump from one website to another because you have a complete line of jewelry.

Distinguish real from imitation. An inexperienced individual with an untrained eye when it comes to jewelry will find it hard to distinguish the difference between fake and real. Genuine silver pieces are marked with .925 symbol and doesn’t tarnish. Often times, this type of jewelry is priced much cheaper and looks very suspicious. Find an established wholesale silver supplier that sells high quality jewelry for less. Keep your customers coming back for more by selling affordable and beautiful jewelry that are priced within their budget. Build a good reputation and establish good communication with them. Are you ready to do business? Start the hunt for wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier that can provide you luxe pieces for less.