All You must know about VIP WordPress Hosting Vs Self Hosted WordPress Hosting

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Summary: The discussion on VIP WordPress hosting Vs Self hosted WordPress hosting focuses on the features, specifications, safety, security guaranteed, charges involved and scalability that makes WordPress VIP a much better option compared to self hosted WordPress hosting.

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The mostly used content management system all round the world is the WordPress. The software is used to create blogs as well as websites. It is easy to use and free to some extent. This however, depends on the features you want to use in WordPress. If you are a first timer and asked to choose between WordPress VIP, and, it might seem very confusing. Thus, here the discussion on VIP WordPress hosting Vs Self hosted WordPress hosting will help you get a better understanding about the similarities and dissimilarities between both of them.

Specifications and Features:
If you are looking for the premium web publishing service, WordPress VIP hosting is the right choice for you. It was designed initially for use by the enterprise firms. The new feature contains all elements included in the WordPress. It offers round the clock support, enormous CMS as well as ability to apply custom code. The additional services and products included are content monitoring, security and training of the developer. In self hosted WordPress hosting, the user does everything from setting up the website to updating it and monitoring it on a constant basis. There are no additional elements in self hosted WordPress hosting that is there in WordPress VIP hosting.

Charges Involved:
WordPress VIP hosting is cheaper in comparison to self hosted WordPress hosting. For about 5 websites, the cloud based package starts at $3750 per month. The self hosted package starts at $15000 annually on a yearly basis for a single website. Thus WordPress VIP is highly reliable, less expensive and known to offer scalability. You are also guaranteed the latest versions that contain the updated features.

Guarantee for Safety and Security:
WordPress VIP hosting is lot more secured compared to self hosted WordPress hosting. Self hosted hosting offer you security for your site, so that you do not become easy targets in hands of the hackers. WordPress VIP hosting on the other hand remains awake at night and remains alert all through the day to keep a watch on your site. This gives you the opportunity to benefit for secure code base as well as monitoring of the site. The WordPress operating team offers round the clock support that is not applied by self hosted WordPress hosting.

WordPress VIP hosting is highly scalable compared to self hosted WordPress hosting. Larger companies prefer the former to handle the huge traffic. The WordPress VIP hosting services serve over hundred million page views. There is a development team working behind all the time to handle the huge traffic flow.
Word press VIP hosting unlike self hosted WordPress hosting was created for use by well established companies to ensure heavy traffic on a daily basis.

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