All You Need to Know About Baseball

Baseball is played with a bat and ball. There are two teams playing per game and each team uses 9 players. The goal of the game is at the end of the game, which is 9 innings; the team with the most runs wins the game. It is really that simple, well as far as basics go anyways.

As mentioned above, there are 9 players per team. These 9 positions are pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left field, center fielder and right fielder. Each player on the team wears a uniform consisting of a jersey that has their team name on the front and last name and number on the back and piped baseball pants.

In the U.S. and Canada, the overall name for the baseball organization is Major League Baseball. MLB or Major League Baseball is divided into the National League and the American League. Each of those is divided into East, West and Central divisions. The World Series is a series of games that determine who the MLB champion team is. There are 8 teams that are entered into the playoff games. The first round is best out of 5 games and the second round along with the World Series are best games out of 7.

Baseball GroundThere are 4 basic pieces of equipment that players use in a game: the mitt, the bat, the ball and the playing field. The bat will either be made from aluminum or wood. The materials used will depend on the league using the bats. Bats are about 35 inches long, 2 inches wide and weighs about 35 ounces. The mitt is also called a glove and is used by the team out in the field to catch the ball. Mitts comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the position of the player. The baseball is white and has red lacing. The part of the field closest to the bases is called the infield and the other part away from the bases is called the outfield.

Like any other type of sport, baseball has a bunch of records. And just like the records of other sports, these records will be broken at some point and will have someone else’s name next to the record. Most wins by a pitcher in a single season is Jack Chesbro, who in 1994 had 41 wins. The most career home runs is 762 by Barry Bonds during the years 1986-2007. The most runs batted in (RBI) in a season was done in 1930 by Hack Wilson when he scored 190 RBI’s. The highest batting average in a single season was awarded to Napoleon Lajoie in 1901 with 426.