All You Need To Know About Windows 8 Gestures

Whenever any upgrade of an operating system (OS), let it be Microsoft, Mac OS X or Linux, is launched you expect something innovative and improved. Microsoft OS deserves a mention here as its last upgraded version, Windows 8 marks a stark departure from its earlier version Windows 7. The new OS sports a touch-enabled interface, which is a complete new venture in the history of Microsoft Windows. If you are also using Windows 8, then you must get fluent with its gestures to best enjoy the new interface of the new Microsoft OS.

Listed below are the eight gestures that will be very handy for your use and will let you best interact with the Windows 8 OS. Both touch supported as well as mouse and keyboard supported gestures for Windows 8 are mentioned below:

1. Perform an action

In Windows 8, if you want to launch any of the app or want to perform any other action such as follow a link, open an image, etc, you simply need to tap on it. If you are using the mouse, then go to the Start screen and left-click on the app or item that you want to launch.

2. Commands Specific to Apps

Every app possesses certain commands that are specific to that app only. If you want to induce those app specific commands, then just launch any app of your choice and swipe from the bottom or top edge of the screen, and the commands specific to that particular app will get revealed. In case of mouse use, right-click the app, and click on commands.

3. Get more options

If you want details of an application or link, just press and hold that app or link for a few seconds to get the detailed information. However, in some of the cases pressing and holding may launch a new menu with more options. In case of mouse use, simply point the item regarding which you need information and then hover the cursor of the mouse over it for a couple of seconds. This will let you see more options.

4. Drag and move items

Relocating items over the touch screen of Windows 8 is simple and easy. You just need to tap over the item or app to select it and then drag it to get it moved and then release your touch to get it dropped. This gesture is used more when you need to scroll through lists or path through pages. However, there are many other interactions also where you will find this gesture helpful. In case of mouse use, right-click on your selected item, hold and drag it, release the click to get it dropped.

5. Find recently used apps

If you just need to re-use the app that you used recently, you don’t require going back to the Start Screen. Simply, swipe-in and back out on the left side of the screen. This will bring up the list of apps that you had used most recently, you can pick up the app you want to re-launch.
You can perform the same Windows 8 gestures with mouse by placing the cursor of the mouse in the top left side of the screen and then simply slide it down.

6. Close an application

If you have opened many apps simultaneously and want to close down a few of those, just drag that app to the bottom of the screen. Note here that, unused apps in Windows 8 don’t put any impact on your performance, yet you can close them anytime simply by dragging them to the bottom. To perform the same gesture through a mouse, just click on the top of the app and then drag it to the bottom of the screen.

7. Zoom in and out

Zooming in and out of images for viewing any web page for reading is easy and can be done single handedly. For zooming out hold your index finger and thumb close and then pinch on the part of the screen that you want to zoom out and then simply stretch the two fingers apart from each other. For zooming in, you just need to do the same gesture in a vice versa form. Keep your index finger and thumb apart over the screen covering the area that you want zoom in and then simply stretch the two fingers close to each other.

For mouse use, hold down the [Ctrl] key and turn the mouse wheel towards you for zooming in and turn the wheel away from you to zoom out.

8. Turn and pivot items

To rotate any image or other item, just hold two or more fingers over that item and rotate clock wise or anti-clockwise. The item will rotate just in accordance to your finger movement. Mouse doesn’t support in rotating majority of the objects however, it does for some selected items.

The new Microsoft OS interface is smooth and easily manageable; it doesn’t require much time or effort to learn the gestures. The more fluent you will get with these gestures, better you will be able to enjoy your new touch-enabled Windows 8 devices. These gestures will make you perform fast and smoothly. Having read it now, quickly try these gestures on your device and you will just master it in just a few days.

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