News All you wanted to know about dental crowns

All you wanted to know about dental crowns


If you have a broken tooth or cracked tooth or your teeth have become weak due to decay or you have a badly discolored and misshapen teeth, dental crowns can be of great help. Find out all about dental crowns

What are dental crowns?

A Dental crown is a cap shaped like a natural tooth. It is designed to cover the tooth to improve its appearance, shape, size, and to restore its strength and performance. A dental crown when cemented into place fully covers the entire portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line.

Dental crowns can be made of different materials, such as metal, stainless steel, porcelain fused to metal, resin and ceramic. Stainless steel crowns are prefabricated crowns. They are used on permanent teeth on temporary basis till the time the permanent crown is made. Stainless steel crowns are cost-effective and don’t require too much dental care to protect the teeth.

The metals that are commonly used for making dental crowns are gold alloy and base-metal alloy such as nickel and chromium. Metal crowns require less tooth structure to be removed. They are able to withstand biting and chewing and last for considerably long period of time. They do not chip or break easily. All resin crowns are quite affordable compared to other types of dental crowns but they are more prone to fractures and wear down easily. All porcelain crowns look natural and provide the best solution to repair damaged or broken teeth without letting others know about it. But the problem is that they are not very strong.

One can choose between temporary and permanent dental crown. A temporary crown is made in a dentist’s office but a permanent one is made in a dental laboratory. Temporary crowns are made out of stainless steel or acrylic and are used as temporary restoration until a permanent crown is constructed.

Placing a dental crown takes two visits to the dental office. However using advanced technology, some cosmetic dentists are able to produce the crown in a single visit only.

Who can get dental crowns?
People who wish to protect a breaking tooth or a cracked tooth or those who wish to restore an already broken tooth can get dental crowns. A dental crown can also be used to cover and support a tooth with a large filling where there is not enough of tooth left. Then a dental crown can be used to hold the dental bridge in place, to cover a dental implant, and to cover misshaped and stained and discolored teeth.

Are there any risks involved in dental crowns?
Like most cosmetic procedures, dental crowns too have certain side effects and risks. Some people experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures after crowns are attached. Some complain of pain and numbness in the mouth for a few days following the dental crowns procedure.

Porcelain crowns are durable but they lack the flexibility of natural teeth. It becomes necessary to avoid certain foods in order to make the dental crowns last for long.

If you are interested in getting dental crowns and bridges or veneers or any other cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance and performance of your teeth, consult a qualified cosmetic dentist today.

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All you wanted to know about dental crowns
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