Allergy Free Dog Food

Allergy free dog food could actually save the life of your pet. Unfortunately, some animals have an allergic reaction to some of the typical store-bought alternatives. In the case of anaphylaxis shock from ingesting the allergens, the animal could actually die before you can get it medical attention at the veterinarian’s office for medical help. While Omega fatty acids and environmental adjustments can make a difference in the reaction your pet suffers, many owners prefer the convenience and peace of mind that comes from allergy free dog food, along with the safety benefits to the pet.

Common Manufacturers

This list is not in any way intended to be exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea of what brands are available for your Labrador, German Shepherd, Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel or other breed of dog that are commonly prone to food allergies. You can buy various brands on Amazon.

Hill’s allergen free canine pet food is one of the more trusted brands out there that is worth taking a look into. You can also try Pinnacle Limited Ingredient, or even Dick Van Patten’s Natural balance. In addition, many natural grocers sell natural pet feed, making it a good place to look. All are designed and formulated for dogs with food allergies, so they can still get the nutrition they need with a well-balanced diet.

Common Ingredients

There are many common ingredients in several of the brands that I’ve listed. Most of them include soy, corn, wheat, and some form of meat product, which will vary greatly, depending on the manufacturer you select. They are all formulated to eliminate some of the ingestion and inhalant allergies that many pets suffer.

Where to Buy

You have many options when you look to buy this type of product for your pet. While you might find this type of specialty food at a local big box retailer, the odds are relatively slim, so you’ll need to shop in a different manner than you normally would at the store. Listed below are some of the places you will want to look.

Pet Stores: Easily the best option for most people. You’ll get relatively decent pricing and a decent selection at most of the pet stores in your area. You’ll have plenty to choose from whether you go for dry or canned, moist options.

Veterinarians: You’ll likely pay a lot more here than you will at other places, but you’ll also be more likely to get the right type of nourishment, vitamins, nutrients, and amino fatty acids. It’s a great option to keep in mind when you’re shopping.

Online: It’s probably the best way to get the best price, but unless you know exactly what brand you want, you’ll have a hard time sorting out what’s the best option for your pet for allergy free dog food.