Streets dark, house cold, to love someone, I’m to old,

when young, many friends, but now I’m the lonely soul.


A dog barks at a shadow, another dreary night,

I sit here, my mind thinks of rhymes to write.


You cross my mind and I wonder..could it be,

I, like the house, a cold heart, eyes blind to see.


Noises outside, they don’t scare me, no fears,

but in this empty soul, somehow flow the tears.


Look out the window, nothing but the dark,

blind leading the blind, desolate in this part.


Pictures of you in my mind, as days pass they fade,

why are the nights so long? but no, not afraid.


More things in my mind, the ways of life so unknown,

there for me lies the scare, to always be alone,


The wind blows, unseen except what it moves,

like your love, my heart changed, there proves.


Sad poem, like lost souls, words of life, they need,

listened to you, to late now, should have given heed!


No sleep, weary of lonely nights, long wait till dawn,

tell me why, our love cut short, couldn’t have went on?


This old house, had better days, keeps hanging around,

but for me, its memories of your love, keeps me bound!!



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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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