Alternative Down Comforters

If you crave snuggling in your soft, cosy bed with a light airy comforter keeping you toasty while the wind and snow howl and storm outside the house, then you are probably addicted to buying bed linens.

I am a fellow duvet and bed-linen addict and would love to tell you about some favorite down alternative comforters I have found.


If you or any family members have respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, or Reactive Airway Disease, you know what a crimp this puts in the comfy bed nesting plans. When the specialist says no feather pillows, duvets or pets in the bedroom, you have to pay attention. This is where down alternative comforters come into the picture. A down alternative comforter can be filled with silk, wools, cotton or polyester. The silk and wool ones are expensive and difficult to clean at home.

Alternative Down Comforters

The alternative down comforter can easily found on-line and are less expensive than the goose down feather filled duvets. The least expensive down alternatives are filled with polyester fiberfill and the shell is microfiber. This gives you the option of putting a cotton duvet cover on the comforter, cutting down on how often the insert needs to be laundered. These can be machine washed, though the bulkier ones may exceed the capacity of the washer. The major advantage of the these options of comforters is the allergy prevention while keeping you cosy.

Down alternative comforters are heavier than the down duvets, but are still very comfortable and provide necessary warmth and comfort during the cold weather. Buyers enjoy the affordable price tag and often buy multiples for spare and seldom used rooms, even if they have a down comforter on their own bed and no allergies. A bonus with the down alternative is you don’t get scratched with feathers coming out when you are trying to sleep. There is not much worse when you are all drowsy and warm than trying to decide whether to move to remove one that is stabbing you,

Popular Down Alternative Comforters (with great reviews)

A good quality alternative down comforter does not shrink, pill, or bunch after washing. This is one of the reasons why the ‘Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter’ is a big hit with the buyers. It is excellent value, soft, warm and launders well. When they are less expensive, families don’t have to spend a fortune buying them to keep the dust down in the house.

Alternative down comforter reviews are usually based on how soft, warm and the ease of continuous use. Price isn’t really a factor as they are all quite inexpensive even the king size comforters. If you buy bedding that stays fluffy and holds it shape, thickness and softness without bunching after multiple launderings, you have purchased a high quality bedding product. Many allergists recommend frequent washing of bedding to reduce the dust and allergens, so easy care and wash-ability is a huge factor.

The ‘Charter Club Microlux Down Alternative Comforter’ is another one that people seem to love. Saying they don’t want to get out of bed when they are under this warm comfortable comforter. Most of the reviews I have researched mention the comfort and how warm this wonderful duvet is, but how it can be used all year round too. I certainly don’t sleep very well when too hot, as much as snuggling is nice. Better to open a window or turn the heat down and snuggle under a velvety comforter like this.

Can’t Wait to Snuggle!

I am looking forward to the winter and being able to stay cosy and warm while the wind howls outside. The alternative down comforters are so inexpensive and easily available from on-line retailers, it makes you want to get a nice fresh one for the winter and maybe a new sheet set!