Alternatives to Facebook 2013

If Mark Zuckerburg’s social network isn’t exactly your cup of tea, here’s a list of alternatives to Facebook.

Foodbuzz – This is Facebook for foodies. The site curates posts from thousands of food blogs worldwide. Some of the things you can do in the site are read the hottest food posts from around the web, discover promotions and deals being offered by various food brands, write restaurant reviews, connect with fellow food enthusiasts from around the world, and organize recipes or browse over the hundreds of thousands of recipes that other users uploaded into the site.

Pinterest – Millions of women from all over the world have fallen in love with this image-based social network. If you’re a man, it’s okay to fall in love with the site too but be warned that majority of content in the site are by women. Bags, dresses, accessories, etc. Pinterest is like a virtual pin board. You use it to curate content from all over the web by submitting them as pins to the pin boards you created in your account. You can also browse and follow the boards that other users have created. This way, if someone you follow posted a new pin, you will see the new pin in your Pinterest feed. It’s a great way to organize content about things that you are passionate about.

Zeen – Zeen is an online magazine-maker. The concept is simple – you collect the things that interests you from around the web then use these to create a personalized digital magazine. Unlike Pinterest which focuses on image-based content, Zeen allows you to curate content in the form of pictures, text and videos. You can also easily share your Zeen magazines with everyone around the world. There are also other ways on how you can use Zeen. You can create unique photo albums from your images in Flickr, Picasa or Instagram. You can also make resaurant recommendations. You can also create travel journals and digital cookbooks.

LinkedIn – If you are of the entreprenuer type, LinkedIn is the perfect social networking site for you. The site is often referred to as the social network for professionals. It’s a great place to build connections with professionals who share your businesses and interests. Also, if you are looking for professionals like freelance writers, graphic designers, etc., LinkedIn is a great place to find them since you can easily gain access to people’s portfolios and work samples. This way you can easily find out if a person fits the job you are scouting for.

Path – If you want a social network that is more personal and more private than Facebook, Path is a nice alternative. Unlike Facebook which allows you to have 5000 friends, Path sets the limit to just 150 friends. One drawback to Path is that it’s mobile-based so if you’re not much of a mobile user, you won’t find much use in Path.

These are just a few of the dozens of alternatives to Facebook. Other sites that you might consider are Tagged, Pair, Highlight, Circle, Kismet, Banjo, Nextdoor, and Roamz.