Alternatives to the Bitcoin for our needs


Our famed bitcoin is expensive, hard to mine and inconsistent in price so i gathered a nice little list of alternative crypto currencies for your mining, spending and investing needs!

Mining – Feathercoin/Cosmoscoin/Diamonds( Bitgem )

Many people think that Litecoin is the most profitable to mine. This is not the case. Litecoin based Feathercoin gives a nice profit. We entered the following stats into a FTC and LTC and bam! Feathercoin has a bit more. But these have gotten very popular in recent time. 2 months earlier you would have earned $10 with a 1500 khash computer. Then i found this page comparing coin profitability. Also check out this to make the most profit off your mining.

Speediest transactions- Litecoin/ Litecoin Forks

Isn’t it annoying how Bitcoin takes an hour to go from ‘PENDING’ to ‘COMPLETE’

Yes, it is. Its like waiting for someone to send you money in the mail, which defeats the point of online money. Wait no more! Litecoin , the second most popular coin was created to defeat this annoying waiting time. Of course if your not fond of Litecoin or just want to use something better look at Litecoin forks like Feather or Novacoin!

Best Investment- Litecoin

I have one word for you Litecoin. Litecoin is getting more and more popular. This makes it ideal to invest in to. Dont be fooled by the current price. Bitcoin used to cost much less than a dollar. Infact back then somone bought a pizza for 50k BTC- now a million dollars (to compare to the most expensive pizza in USD which is $110).

Well we hope that was a tasty pizza!