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Amazing Beauty Products


An oxygen facial—at home
This amazing, soap-free cleanser does much more than dissolve makeup and remove impurities: Formulated with the most potent, stable form of oxygen available, j02 oxygen cream face wash goes deep into skin to fight acne and excessive dryness, somewhat miraculously. Glycolic acid and oxygen intensify each other’s benefits, taking wrinkle fighting to a whole new level—and skin positively glows.

Color Wash
Packaged in chic, shiny black compacts, new Lip Lux sparkling glosses from Vincent Longo are the perfect texture—incredibly smooth, and not at all sticky. Just a dab leaves incredible shine and a subtle blush of color. Crystal is a delicate sparkling pink; Vision is the exact color of strawberry preserves; Current is a deep, plummy-purple with a rich metallic sheen.
Packaged in a techno-chic, slightly illicit-looking tube, Urban Decay’s genius new Urban fx is a powder-fine glitter that can be applied just about anywhere. Mix with gloss for a glittery lip, sprinkle over (wet) nail polish, combine with body lotion, or dust through your hair.

Portable Scent
At once spicy and sweet, L’Occitane Jasmin Mandarine solid perfume is pure sensuality—a vibrant combination of fragrant jasmine and delicious orange blossoms, with a fresh burst of green mandarin. Packaged in an adorable, round silver tin, this creamy perfume travels amazingly—it fits perfectly in the tiniest Fendi baguette bag—and goes on precisely where you want it.Amazing Beauty Products

Shine On
Estee Lauder’s new HighShine Lip Lacquer is anything but subtle. This gloss bursts with vibrant color and major shine, with the added bonus of SPF 15 protection. Purple 2000 is a bright pinky-purple; Apricot 2000 is like no apricot we’ve seen—neon peachy-orange with a slight iridescent glow

Sugar Baby
Gleaming, babysoft skin is seductively sexy any time of the year. The unbelievably-delicious Harmony Formula Botanical Balance Sugar Scrub from The Thymes Limited Repairitif Collection is a gentle body exfoliator without the scratch, and comes in a heavy glass jar reminiscent of a giant pot of honey. Lose yourself in the addictive linden, sage, lemon and pine fragrance while the sweet sugar crystals exfoliate and sunflower oil moisturizes.

Amazing Beauty Products

Foot Fetish
If life without a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s turquoise beaded stilettos isn’t worth living, a pampering pedicure is also high on the must-have list. In the cutest packaging around, Lucky Chic’s Sole Survivor kit contains six delicious-smelling treats for a do-it-yourself pedicure, from peppermint mist to eucalyptus-and-mint foot soak.

Amazing Beauty Products

Amazing Beauty ProductsSpring is in the air
Flawless, glowing, natural-looking complexions were all over the spring 2000 collections in Paris. Complete Me from philosophy makes you look just as naturally gorgeous. Foundation but not foundation, powder but not really powder, not a cream but feels like one: it’s concealer, oil-free powder foundation, and sunblock all in one curious-looking shaker container. Shake it into the palm of your hand, apply with a sponge and fool them all that you were born looking this way.

Ligne St. Barth. Deliciously creamy—think decadent, white chocolate—it drenches your skin in an aroma good enough to eat. Equally addictive for thirsty winter skin is Porter’s Original Formula Lotion.
With a soothing, relaxing aroma of witch hazel, camphor and rosemary oil, and a recipe unchanged since the 1930’s, it’s the final word in moisturizer for baby-bottom smooth skin.

Amazing Beauty Products
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