Amazing Coconuts

When last did you take a look at a coconut and wonder exactly what the health benefits are? It should come as no surprise that coconuts have some amazing health benefits. This tropical fruit is very unusual and incredibly versatile. Several products, such as coconut oil, flour, butter, cosmetics, milk, soap and sugar are produced from coconuts.

Many people use coconut oil as a medicine for several different types of skin conditions and even as a moisturizer. This oil is also used to condition hair and can be found in hair products worldwide. Coconut oil is also used in many skin cosmetics and is well known for its healing properties. Sometimes it is used for cooking or as a salad oil. The fruit is often chopped up for salads. Desiccated coconut is mostly used in cooking or baking. Many cakes and biscuit products contain coconut. Because coconuts are so widely available, their health benefits are often overlooked.

Many of the populations of the world eat fresh coconut as part of their daily diet and are able to enjoy all their benefits. A daily serving of coconut is able to supply an individual with their daily copper intake. Copper activates the enzymes which trigger neurotransmitters in the brain. Coconut can help ward of many age related diseases by improving your brains functioning. Alzheimer’s can be kept at bay by including this fruit in your daily diet.

Coconuts are able to help you manage your weight. Research has shown that the MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) found in coconut are able to aid in weight loss and help curb hunger pangs much more effectively than triglycerides found in meat and dairy products. However, it is not a common practice to include this fruit in weight loss plans.

Studies have also shown that these MCTs are able to apparently reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, thereby improving the level of health in a number of weight loss volunteers. Coconut also has a very high fiber content. Fiber helps guard against constipation and is the perfect solution for those who suffer with this problem. This fruit will keep your intestinal tract healthy and in good condition. Fiber is also known for boosting the immune system, reducing sugar levels and protecting people from diabetes.

Anyone who adds raw coconut to their weekly diet will reap the benefits. Coconut is a product that can be consumed by children and adults alike and the health benefits are enormous!

IMAGE CREDIT: Morguefile – Biscuits