Amazing Packing and Moving Tips For You

Looking to relocate? While a good mover can help, these packing and moving tips ensures that your moving experience becomes much more simple.  Packing and moving can prove to be very tedious job if you do not do it in the right way. Here are some tips and guidelines so that you are able to pack your stuff quickly, know what is kept where and are able to make the whole move in a smooth and simple manner. Following these tips will also ensure that your items are safely transported from one place to another.


Packing Tips

  • The first step towards packing is eliminating all those items which you do not need any longer. This will make your packing easy.
  • You can get specially designed cartons from your packer and use them for all your packing instead of using the normal cartons. This will ensure that you pack your belongings in a safe manner. You can also use clothes and bedcovers as cushioning for other things while packing. Place these cloths at the bottom of the carton, fill it up with other items and then cover with more cloth. This will help to absorb shock.
  • Mark those things which are fragile carefully, pack them separately and send them for moving under proper supervision. Notify your packer before hand and make sure that he identifies the fragile cartons before the moving starts.
  • Do not put excess weight in one carton and leave the other absolutely light. Books can prove to be quite heavy so it is advisable to divide them into different cartons evenly. No matter how small or big the item is, refrain from using plastic or trash bags for packing anything. Pack your cartons firmly and till the top. Leaving room in cartons can prove to be dangerous.
  • You should always start packing with those items which are out of season. Move onto items that are used less frequently and end with those things which you need regularly. Label all cartons so you do not have problems in unpacking.
  • Always remember not to pack jewelry, money, important papers or any such valuable in cartons while moving. It is best to put them all in a suitcase or box and carry with them in person.

Moving Tips

  • Choose your mover carefully. Talk to family, friends or relatives who have just moved to a new place and ask them about their experience. Find out about licensed movers from the New York State Department of Transportation or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • The first thing to do after you have planned to move out is to give your movers as much notice as you can. Talk to your mover and tell then when do you exactly wish to move and how much luggage do you plan to move. This will help your mover give you the right estimate and ensure that they have their cargos set out for you on time.
  • Always be available on the site when the loading and unloading takes place. Keep in mind the condition of the cartons when being packed and check whether they are in the same condition or not when being delivered.
  • You mover may be able to provide with people who can disconnect and reconnect huge electronic appliances like washer, dryer or television. Take their help to ensure that the thing gets transported safely.
  • Talk to your movers about their insurance policy and how much would they pay if anything gets damaged.

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