Amazing Pumpkin Carving Techniques

Peel the skin off the pumpkin. Using a potato peeler is an often overlooked amazing pumpkin carving technique. The skin of a pumpkin peels easily and unique jackolantern designs can be peeled into what remains of the meat.

Leave a thin layer of meat at the back of the carving. Instead of cutting all the way through a pumpkin, a thin layer of meat remaining at the back so that it’s nearly see through, can create an amazing pumpkin carving appearance. When a light is added it casts a hazy reddish glow for a truly unique jackolantern appearance.

Cut entire pieces off the pumpkin. Cutting the jaw off a pumpkin may seem like a bad idea, but this can actually make it easier to add detail to the teeth. The pieces you cut off can be put back on using sewing needle pins.

Turn the pumpkin sideways and use the stem as a nose. Cut the eyes above the stem and a mouth beneath. This may seem like a very simple carving technique, but the end result is entertaining to look at and looks like you put a lot of thought and planning into carving your pumpkin.

Use multiple pumpkins. A large pumpkin and a small pumpkin, each carved to look like a regular jackolantern may seem boring and unimpressive, but when you place the small jackolantern into the larger jackolantern’s mouth, it looks like amazing pumpkin carving to anyone who sees it. This is sure to get a laugh from anyone who notices it. Never again will a boring pumpkin grace your sidewalk or porch if you use these amazing pumpkin carving techniques. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood and everyone will want to stop by just to see what unique jackolanterns you have made.