Amazing Realistic Portrait Pencil Drawings

Amazing Portrait Drawings of Famous People by Dino Devic

A 33-year-old artist who never went to art school surprises the world with his breath-taking, amazingly realistic portrait pencil drawings. Dino Devic, a Croatian amateur artist from Zadar said that he got his talent from his father, and that’s exactly what one needs besides hours and hours of invested time to draw such amazing pencil drawings – supertalent! His pencil portraits thrilled the Croatian public, and thanks to the internet, world-wide audience, too.

“There’s a special, intimate bond between me and those portraits. When I’m looking at the image of a person I’m drawing for more than 20 hours – when I’m done with drawing, I have a feeling like I know her. The portrait of Al Pacino is my favorite until now; I was very attached to ithe drawing and had a difficult time saying goodbye to it.” (Dino Devic, Croatian artist)

Ever since he started drawing actively, Dino made numerous drawings of famous people, family members and friends, love couples and other pencil drawings of people by order. His realistic drawings are so breath-taking that they were exhibited on the other end of the world (Croatia – Dino’s homeland – is the neighbouring country of Italy) in Lee’s Gallery, Minneapolis, USA.

If anything is true right now, then it’s the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Enjoy this amazing, realistic pencil drawing gallery of famous people.

#1 Pencil Drawing: Al Pacino

Dino made a graphite portrait of Al Pacino in a scene from the movie Scarface on a sketching paper (110 gsm, acid free) sized 30 X 42 cm – A3.

He used 8 KOH and NOOR soft gradation pencils and spent 30 hours to draw this portrait.

#2 Pencil Drawing: Danny Trejo

This is a graphite portrait of Danny Trejo caught in a movie scene (Machete).

Sketching paper, size and pencils used are the same as for Al Pacino’s portrait.

The artist invested 40 hours in making the drawing of Danny Trejo.

#3: Pencil Drawing: Jessica Alba

The artist called her a natural beauty! A3 size paper, 9 different pencils and 28 hours of work on this portrait.

#4 Pencil Drawing: Paul Walker

14 hours of work, 3 layers of graphite on paper and 17 different pencils used for this portrait.

Paul Walker Portrait Pencil Drawing

#5 Pencil Drawing: Lenny Kravitz

The artiste used 5 HARDMUTH soft gradation pencils on a sketching paper (3 layers of graphite).

He spent 18 hours drawing this portrait.

#6 Pencil Drawing: Brittany Murphy

Dino worked 20 hours on Brittany’s portrait. He used 5 different pencils for this graphite portrait on an A3 sized sketching paper.

#7 Pencil Drawing: Clint Eastwood

23 hours of work on A3 sized paper, 6 graphite pencils used.

#8 Pencil Drawing: John Wayne

Dino made this graphite portrait using 10 garphite pencils and the NEGRO black pencil. He invested 50 hours into this portrait.

All the pencil drawings displayed on this page are commission work.

To see more of Dino Devic’s drawings and contact information, please visit his

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Amazing Realistic Portrait Pencil Drawings