Amazing Television Shows That Should Never Have Ended

Smothered by a litany of run-of-the-mill TV shows, do you still occasionally pine for a few of your favorite shows that ended years ago? The article tries to explore few such memorable TV shows that we fervently wish should never have ended.
It is official that the industry, littered with substandard reality shows, is on a downward spiral. It is bizarre when you see, mindless dross like “Keep Up With The Kardashians” being allowed to go on a seemingly never-ending run, while thought provoking, visually dazzling spectacles like “Awake” and “Terra Nova” being chopped off after a single season. One has got to question the sanity of the executives, who take such ridiculous and irrational decisions and inadvertently help in fostering a culture of mediocrity.
Amidst the clutter, there were a few shining jewels who managed to stand out and etched themselves forever in our minds and hearts. Though some of these rare, amazing TV shows have called it quits, yet we still yearn for them.


The critics may smugly dismiss it, but love it or not, Friends undoubtedly was the most popular TV show that transcended all geographical boundaries and ushered in a cultural revolution. It uplifted the sitcom genre, made three camera comedies once again appealing and subsequently spawned a host of run-of-the mill imitations. Its cultural impact was immense, which still continues today. It immortalized Central Park Café, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut came to be known as “The Rachel Cut” which became a rage everywhere, and Joey’s “How u doin?” catchphrase became a popular part of Western English slang. What was most appealing about Friends, were the main protagonists with whom one could easily relate to. They were by no means perfect. They got chucked out of their jobs, got dumped in their relationships, but found solace in each other’s company.Whether it was Chandler’s stinging sarcasm, Monica’s fastidiousness, Ross’s condescending geekiness, Joey’s goofiness or Rachel’s blondeness- like true friends they put up with each other idiosyncrasies and painted the meaning of friendship with their own color. As the camera focused over the empty apartment in the series finale – the sound of breaking of millions of hearts worldwide was almost palpable. If a genie can only make our wish come true then we would like to have this awesome sitcom back on air.


This edge of the seat political thriller ended its outstanding run somewhat prematurely, after eight glorious seasons. The series which became a yardstick for an entire genre, was centered around the irrepressible covert agent Jack Bauer, as he raced against time to thwart presidential assassinations, nuclear threats and government conspiracies. The unfolding of events in real time, the continuous twists and turns as well as the cliffhanger endings made the show an adrenaline fuelled joy ride. From Golden Globe to Emmy the series notched up every possible award and its end, undoubtedly was a big loss to the world of television.


What could I have more to add about a series that has been globally acknowledged by fans and critics alike, to be the greatest science fiction drama to be ever made? It was not only the paranormal workings of a mysterious island, but also the interpersonal dynamics of a diverse set of characters, that made this show so endearing and thrilling. Although the controversial finale evoked starkly opposing reactions, for me it was a satisfying conclusion to a truly epic journey. Still, the ending left a big gaping hole in my heart.