Amazon Prime – Will You Renew Annual Membership?

Prime members get benefits with their annual subscription; two day shipping, discounted prices on products, free download on movies, music and kindle books. You get what you pay for; Prime annual membership is not inexpensive. feature and benefits will cost you $99 annually. Are the benefits worth renewing?


Other Prime Benefits

kindle-498025_640Complimentary download for movies, music and kindle books plus unlimited photo storage. Plus many products get a special prime discount. These are all good benefits, but $99 annual does seem high especially when you search for movies and kindle books and most of what you like comes with an extra fee.


If you are someone who does shop at Amazon on a regular basis then I would recommend the prime membership because the free two day shipping makes it worth it.

Before you make up your mind do a comparison.  Without Prime benefits, you have to look for products that qualify for free shipping then buy multiple or single product with total price of $36. Yes you get free shipping with qualifying purchases of $36. or more But you have to wait 7 to 10 days to receive.

For me the discounted prices and complimentary two day shipping makes prime worth the $99 annual membership. I shop a lot at Amazon and it is my go to online store for holiday and birthday gifts that I need to ship out of state.

What do you think?  Do you feel the membership is worth it? Will you renew annually?