Amazon sells Fire TV for 70 euros

amazon-184101_1280The offer price of 70 Euro Amazon sells streaming box Fire TV today. On the Fire TV to various streaming services can be used, but they can be used by Kodi as Media Center.

At Amazon, there are in-house Streaming box Fire TV currently 70 euros. The price is for normal Amazon- and Prime-customers alike. Regular costs the box with Bluetooth remote control 100 EUR. Recently there was the box the middle of July 2015 for 70 euros, but at the time. Only for prime customers most recent price cuts were not as high as this time – the customer can save 30 euros.

For the launch of Fire TV prime customers could order the box for a few days for 50 euros. At this price there was the Box since not again. There is a presumption that Amazon soon introduce a second-generation Fire TV.

Primarily, the box for the use of streaming services is designed. For this, the Fire TV is selectively connected via a LAN cable or via dual-band Wi-Fi to the Internet. The Fire-TV interface is primarily designed for the use of Amazon’s own video service Instant Video. Other streaming services are available on the apps in question.

Bluetooth remote control with voice controlamazon-184064_1280

The Fire TV is a Bluetooth remote control that is provided with a voice command. At least in Amazon’s video catalog can be easily searched by voice command for specific titles, actors or other things. In foreign Apps Voice Search is not available.

In Fire TV Qualcomm’s quad-core processor Snapdragon S4 Plus stuck with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory. Even more demanding games should run on the box. The lower-priced Fire TV Stick provides a much weaker equipment here.

Kodi evaluates the Fire on TV

In addition to an Ethernet port on the Fire TV has a digital audio output and a standard USB port. At the latter can now also storage devices connect to so easily access local content. To play to Kodi XBMC is formerly particularly well because the app can be controlled well with the remote control.

Installing Kodi respectively SPMC is associated with a little effort, because Amazon does not offer both apps in the Fire TV Store, although both apps run smoothly on the Fire TV. Therefore, these apps have to be installed via side loading over to Amazon’s App Store on the Fire TV. Means Kodi respectively SPMC can be played also from the local network media data.

Who uses the Fire TV especially with side loading apps can simplify the calling of such apps, by using the Fire starter because side loading apps are not enabled by default integrated into the Fire-TV interface.