Amazon’s alternative to Google Quantcast

Fling streams on fire TV

With Fling Amazon has introduced an alternative to Google Quantcast. From a smartphone or tablet a stream can be controlled, which will be played directly on a Fire-TV. The operation is known from Chromecast.

Amazon has released an SDK Fling (Software Development Kit). In order to make their products more Fling-capable app developers. In addition to Amazon’s own operating system OS Fire and Android and iOS are supported, Windows Phone, however, is missing. The adaptation of the Apps to Fling should be possible without much effort. Amazon calls app developers to supplement their products accordingly.

Fling icon indicates the function

A Fling-enabled app then has a special icon to transmit a stream of the smartphone or tablet to a Fire-TV. In addition, the devices on the same network should be located. Currently Fling requires necessarily a Fire-TV to receive the streaming commands from the mobile device, the function is included in both the TV and in the Fire TV Stick. Fling agent can not only transmit streams to a Fire-TV, but also photos, videos and music that are located locally on the smartphone or tablet.

During playback on the Fire-TV takes place, the control of the smartphone or tablet can be carried out. In addition, the Fling-content can be controlled with the Fire TV remote.

This is similar to the approach of Google Quantcast function that is supported by about Chromecast. Many popular apps are already Cast-capable, but Amazon did not want to resort to the established Google function well, but has deliberately provided its own implementation specifically for Fire TVs. At present can be estimated only with difficulty whether app developers will make their apps Fling compatible.

Available Fling examples

Amazon promises that Cast-enabled apps can be fitted easily with the Fling feature. Amazon mentions two apps that support Fling already, so that interested parties can view the new opportunities already. Besides Karaoke Party Red Karaoke is the Rivet radio app.

Karaoke Party shows videos including lyrics when needed on a Fire-TV. In addition, the Smartphone microphone can be used to output the sung on the TV speakers so that so that a full-fledged Karaoke solution should be available. The karaoke app is available both in Amazon’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in.

Also Rivet Radio is in Amazon’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in available. The Radio App allows you to play your own content via Fling on a Fire-TV.