America Themed Nursery

Many parents are interested in creating an America themed nursery for their newborn. There are a few simple tips to follow that can make decorating your nursery a bit easier. Use the suggestions below to help you develop a great America themed nursery.

Color Scheme for an America Themed Nursery
The basic colors are obvious: red, white, and blue. Many parents would choose a more subtle color scheme to avoid saturating one room so completely with America nursery theme colors. Consider using a more general wall color: off-white or eggshell, light blue, or even a yellowish hue. Try to make the background colors more neutral to avoid cluttering the nursery with the bold colors of the American flag. Use some of the free resources outlined below to help you generate a good color scheme for your nursery.

Where to Buy Decorations for an America Themed Nursery
Since there are no licensing issues related to an America themed nursery, I would encourage you to visit handmade sites like Etsy to begin your nursery decoration search. You will find great framed prints and personalized images that may feature your child’s name on Etsy. You will also find some more unconventional items that feature American themes without relying on too well known images and colors.
Flikr is a photo sharing website that allows download of many of their images. Users often submit very tasteful photos that you could frame for your America themed nursery. This is a great opportunity for a DIY nursery decoration with meaning.
Search major retailers last, after you have identified great decorations from handmade sellers. Fill in all the nursery decoration gaps with items purchased from big-box retailers. These decorations will often be a bit cheaper than their handmade counterparts will.

Free Resources for Decorating an America Themed Nursery
I recommend visiting the Colour Lovers website to help you begin making a useful color palette and some great patterns. The website features are all free and they also offer framed prints of any patterns you create. You could use these affordable prints as nursery decorations.
Also, the Decorating Your Nursery website offers readers great tips, advice and options for different nursery themes. Use their nursery theme lists to make sure you have collected (or considered) all the necessary nursery decorations.

After using these tips I am sure you’re ready to tackle decorating your America themed nursery.