American Eagle Coin: Most Trustworthy Coin

American Eagle Coin is the most preferred coin by investors and coin collectors. Many people are interested in buying coins to add more coins in their collection and many buys to invest their money. Investment American eagle coin can be considered as the best investment ever as the coin you purchase at a certain amount; while selling you sells it adding up double or five times more cost. The increasing rates of Gold attract people to purchase American eagle coins. American eagle coin has been approved / authorized by US Government in 1985 and first issued in 1986. The basic idea behind issuing the series of American eagle coin is to let investors to add physical Silver, Gold and Platinum to their collections in cost effective way.

American Eagle Coin is the first silver coin issued by US Government. The coin is famous for its purity and accurateness in weight. Every coin has its own history behind its make, design, year of issue, Metal which is used to make it etc. United States is famous to issue such coins in Silver, Gold and platinum metal which are appreciated by the whole world. As pure Silver coin cannot be making as it will be too soft and so a little amount of copper is also added into the coin which increase the durability of the coin. The copper is added into the coin while making and so, the coin is slightly heavy weight to compensate for this but still you get full ounce of silver.
American Eagle coin looks very good but American Eagle Coin looks spectacular! It is widely appreciated by the world to be the most fine-looking/attractive coin ever issued. US Government has made it so unique and superior that, anyone who sees it would like to purchase it. The coin has an image of “Walking Liberty” which is designed by A.A.Weinman. This coin has been introduced on the 1917 as Silver Half Dollar.

Many people do criticize the coin as, they have to carry a heavy premium which is called as “the coin premium” to its basic silver content. Actually i feel, you need not have to worry about that, as you are absolutely getting how much you are paying for as the coin’s purity is guaranteed by the United States Government and obviously the premium carry forward when you wish to sell them.

If you are holding this coin in your collection then while selling it, please check the market cost of this coin or silver and choose the most profitable cost in the world and then decide to sell. An investor need not have to worry as you will not face any problem in selling these coins as they are highly in demand in the market. You can post your fee ads on bullion coin dealers website or other websites like ebay etc. you will understand the exact market price of the coin which will help you to decide the profitable cost to sell American Eagle Coin.