American Entertainment Industry Business People – Famous Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Stars Shining More Brightly

Amazingly many American entertainment industry business people have a lot going on their hands. Aside from being popular as an entertainer they get to be the CEO of their own company. Luxurious lifestyle indeed is waiting for them. Being an entertainer, whether be it on acting or music, they are already experiencing the perks of having to be known worldwide and to be watched and listened to in every television screen or radio. Everybody loves them and some even worship them by following their every move. With the help of technology nowadays, people can now know where or what their idols are doing. But not everything in the entertainment industry is permanent especially the fame they experiencing. They may be the talk of the town today but tomorrow another new batch of shining stars may come and take over. Living in the limelight has its perks but also its risks. They get old but so does the tastes of the people. Sometimes they would love you then when a new and promising young one comes they leave you as if they never pledge their loyalty to you. That is why many entertainers try their luck for something that will give them a definite and stable source of income. Besides, once they have tasted the luxury of living with so much money they can’t just let go of that. There are several people who started venturing their money, talent and skills into business. But not everyone has the luck into business so they started going back to the entertainment industry but some tries again for the second time. Either be it successful in both the entertainment industry and business or not, still they have a story of their own to tell.

Stars Turned CEO

So who are these glamorous people that started to enter the world of competitive business? Well some may still be active while managing their business but some are not already in the business and choose to entertain people or the other way around. You may only know them by watching them from the television but who knows that the product you are patronizing might be their products as well. That is how the world revolves around. So who are these people and what is their business?

1. Oprah Winfrey

You might only know her as a host in her own show but this woman became the most influential host and media mogul. She we even considered to be one of the richest African American of the 20th century and was even included in the list of Forbes magazine as the most powerful celebrity in the world. Her success and fortune came not only from her hosting but also owning her own production company and publishing two magazines.

2. Tyra Banks

Just like Oprah, Tyra also hosts her own show. She was once known for her modelling career but when she started her own production company she bid farewell to the runway and instead she hosts her own program show about cat walking entitled America’s Next Top Model. This show has already reached several seasons only proving her love for the runway.

3. Simon Cowell

Nobody would know Simon, not because he sings or acts well but because of his rude and straight forward comments and criticisms on the American Idol Show. But it is also a known fact that he has a great skill in the business world. He is currently an executive in for Sony BMG in the United Kingdom; he is also a producer and owner of Syco, a music publishing house. And he also got his own fame by being a judge on talent reality shows like the X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent. So when you say you hate him, but talents got to love him.

4. Jay-Z

Aside from being known as a rapper and the husband of Beyonce, Jay-Z has become known as one of America’s most financially successful music artist and entrepreneur. Aside from releasing successful albums, he was the former CEO of Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records. He also owns a part ownership in the 40/40 Club and NBA’s New Jersey Nets.

5. Justin Timberlake

He was once known as the leader of the boy band N’Sync before becoming a solo artist. Using his fame and talent, he became a successful entrepreneur as well. He ventured in the Tennman Records, William Rast Fashion and co-owns three restaurants.

6. Olsen Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen was very young when they acquired stardom and it is no wonder that they are now considered as one of the richest young stars of today. They have founded their own company called the Dualstar and began promoting their own brand and started their own line in clothing called Elizabeth and James. They have been a model in books, posters and clothes for nearly a decade now.

7. Kim Kardashian

She was always seen in their reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian and her voluptuous curves. This reality star knows how to use her fame and sexiness as well because she uses it to promote her perfume, clothes and even diet supplements.

8. Donald Trump

Known for firing people live where millions of people get to watch it but Trump has always been successful in his business career. He is known for his large estate as he is the CEO of Trump Organization, founder of Trump Entertainment resorts, host of the show The Apprentice, a radio personality and an author as well. Surely with all this work in his hands many are being jealous of his success and fortune.


A multi-talented celebrity should not only be having the good looks and talent but also the skills in handling money issues. After all, a celebrity is brand now and in the market world today the way a brand is managed determines what kind of future it will progress into. Many competitive celebrities are now taking their proactive roles into the business world by conducting their own business ventures. Truly there are American entertainment industry business people that still succeed in both fields.