American Pit Bull Terrier Are Great Dogs for Families

Let me start by saying that I did not always feel this way about Pit Bulls. In fact I let the “talk” get to me and I was terrified of this dog breed. I assumed that the dog was born mean and did not realize that it was just a dog and that people are responsible for making the dog be aggressive. A Pit Bull is just a dog, like any other dog and  they want to love you and your family unconditionally.

White puppy Pit Bull at park with his people

Know that I rescued an 8 week old Pit Bull puppy that had been beaten and then thrown out of pick-up truck on the highway. This little guy had every right to be aggressive with me, but when I picked him up he did not growl, instead he put his paws around my neck and his head on my shoulder. He was scared and urinated on me, but he knew he was safe.

Adorable Merle puppy Pit Bull

We raised our pit bull with cats and other dogs and he got along with all of the pets in our house. He even got along with our rescued baby raccoon. Pit bull dogs are smart and listen to every command . The dog wants to please their master and be a valuable member of the family.

The Pit Bull is wonderful with kids, my neighbors son is two years old and he plays with our dog. Our dog sits there wagging his tail and kissing the toddlers face. The child giggles and thinks our dog is fun.

American Pit Bull Terrier are great dogs for families that really love and respect their dog.  A family that will take the dog to Pet Smart for training and spend time with the dog, playing and taking them for a walk.   A well socialized pit bull is a dog that goes with his family  to the park, camping or on a float trip.    This breed of dog wants to be a part of his family, and accepted as their fur kid.

We take our dog everywhere, introduce him to people, other animals.  Our pit bull is well socialized and knows how to act around other dogs, kids and people  Yes our dog has great manners, he is one of the family and is a wonderful dog.

Caring for your Pit Bull

The Pit Bull is like any other dog, they are not good for for families that yell, fight and abuse dogs. This breed of dog is not well suited to live in an apartment unless they are taken for long walks throughout the day. They need plenty of exercise, including playing with a ball or Frisbee.