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When referring to An American Terrorist, I’m not talking about A person or group that take the pleasure in bombing American people. An American Terrorist is A convicted felony no matter if he/she was wrongfully or not convicted. The reason I call them American Terrorist is because that’s exactly what the major of the American people treat them as.
It’s a saying that once an convicted felon has successfully carried out his/her sentence for the crime he/she committed their debt to society was paid in full. I for one say that saying is a myth and if anyone believe that saying, they might as well believe that I seen big foot in the movie theater with a big bucket of popcorn watching insidious Chapter 2. If that saying held any truth to it, it wouldn’t be impossible for these people to obtain employment and provide for their families just like any other American has the right to do. Instead people are hindering these people from trying to do the right thing in life, then verbally stone them when they turn back to the same thing that landed them in prison in the first place but ask your self this, do they really have a large selection of options to choose from? Can you honestly blame a man for doing what he have to do to provide for his family when no one is giving him a chance to do it the right way ? To me the system is set up for failure so those that were convicted can return because how else will prison owners and those in business with them, fill their greedy pockets?
To make matters worst for convicted felons, Not only is it hard for them to obtain employment but their rights to protect themselves and their families have been revoked. So this is sending a message that its okay for someone to inflict harm on them and their families. In my opinion I think first offenders should be able to have their records sealed and have their rights reinstated because they only committed one offense.

Most business owners are unaware of this, but convicted felonies are some of the hardest working people out there but no one will never know their true talent and skills because people are too focused on the person they were many years ago rather then acknowledging who they are today. But who are we to judge someone because they made a wrong choice in life? What if God judged us like that, 98 percent of the world should be in confinement because we all made wrong choices in life rather we are aware of them or not. No one is perfect.
Instead of us Americans trying to find fault in everyone and being so quick to Judge one another, we need to be pulling together and get rid of the real Terrorist that’s taking slowly taking over our country. What Terrorist? Aids, HIV, Cancer, and all of the other deadly diseases that’s killing more people then any Suicide bomber or Airline Hi jacker ever did.

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