America's Next Top Model Show Has Gone Astray

Die Hard fans of America’s Next Top Model are not feeling their changes. In fact, we are hard pressed to even watch it and by pass it many Friday evenings. Friday. That sounds strange anyway. We were used to Wednesday. Maybe it is not a coincidence that the day has been changed to meet the needs of a more Young Crowd which is fine but there is so much more re-direction that this show has taken, it makes us wonder one thing: Did they have to axe ALL of the guys (or any for that matter) that did such a superlative job on this popular show? We needed former Model Nigel Barker. Not only is he a former Model but a Photographer. We needed the off-beat and Cross-Dressing J Alexander (aka Ms. Jay) because for all practical purposes, he was an Extraordinary Runway Coach and the lovable Jay Manuel coordinating the ladies for the Photo shoots was definitely exceptional as well.

America’s Next Top Model by blur 95

Not to mention Tyra’s Guest Judges such as Twiggy, Pauline Porizkova, Janice Dickerson, Beverly Johnson and her illustrious Guests Judges like Fashion Designer Kavalli. It’s obvious that Tyra’s Sponsors changed and with this change, it has been loosely implied that the show needed a Face Lift as well. Last year on Cycle 18, Ms. Banks certainly showed signs of some augmentation in her face but we had no idea that her henchmen would be eliminated for Cycle 19. In April, 2012, they were given their walking papers, so to speak. And it is sad because they have been replaced by different and younger men who seem to try to imitate the former Judges and Advisers.

There is a Dancer/Choreographer named Jante, a Judge who is a former Boxer and Model Bob Evans (strange combination) and a Stylist by the name of Johnny Wijek. It seems that the new Powers that Be wanted to change people but not the essence that made the show what it was. But it has changed very much indeed.

Seymore2 by familymwr

Tyra Banks is the Brain Child and the Creator of this show and with all the disappointing changes that one would guess she was forced to make, there is one with the most glaring insult of all: the inclusion of Social Media which accounts for 25% of the votes. That is to say that a girl’s score by the judges can be made or broken by that 25% of the Social Media score just sitting there. Is this a wise thing to do? Could be the new Sponsors think so and for sure Ms. Banks has her priorities in order. The only thing is that what seems to be a Priority in this case is a joke. Social Media does not have the experience or professionalism to call a Model what she should be. Models are generally interesting people, not just taller and pretty or even beautiful. These people are chosen for their quirkiness, their ability to listen, take directions, follow guidelines and last but not least, have the type of bone structure that appeals to the Camera!

Has anyone ever heard the rantings of Social Media and YouTube if a girl of a different Ethnicity wins and the horrid names that she is called? And no less damaging is the venom that is spewed by the Social Media simply because their choice does not win. So why allow them to factor in such a slice of the decision making? Let’s assume there is an answer:. People want to take advantage of whatever means to make more money. Obviously the ratings were sinking and Cycle 19 had to try and resurrect itself. Maybe they felt that they had to cater to the rants and ravings of the Public for viewers and maybe this is why this Group of Girls are all College Students. Who knows?

America’s Next Top Model by blur 95

Well, both in isolated and well-known incidences, Social Media is famous for bullying and intimidation and now it has moved even to Television in a way. Social Media in the case of ANTM also has the ability to bring a girl back in if she is sent home if they issue enough votes to level her scores enough. This is why on Friday evening, the Channel has definitely changed! I will not wait for Cycle 20. Bur in all honesty, until now, this show has had a superlative run!