An Abraham-Hicks Scam Digest

The Core Abraham-Hicks Scam Articles Online

I’ve been writing about the Abraham-Hicks Scam, the contrivance I believe Jerry and Esther Hicks cooked up as a spiritual moneymaker, twenty-five years ago. As someone who had taken a lot of value out of what they called “the teachings of Abraham,” it was an uneasy transition for me, but the more I looked, the easier it became to recognize and document the facts. Jerry Hicks’ illness and subsequent death from leukemia and how the Abraham-Hicks Publishing operation handled it was fuel on a fire already burning.

Now, a year or so later, it makes sense for me to lay out a list of the articles written and sum up how they fit into the story of the what I think has been exposed as The Abraham-Hicks scam over the last year.

I started writing articles on Squidoo before Seekyt fully evolved as the outstanding site it is today. These articles were launched there before Jerry Hicks’ illness became public.

Fifteen Reasons Not To Trust Esther Hicks And Her Scam – This one was my breakaway lens on Squidoo. Actually, it started with ten reasons, some having to do with obvious contradictions, others with errors in fact, but it was my coming to realize the Esther Hicks could not possibly be communicating any kind of eternal wisdom from anywhere. As more information came to me, I added more reasons.

Is Abraham-Hicks Fake? – More edge material when I first wrote it, months before Jerry Hicks illness was announced, it made the case that reversed a previous conviction of mine. It also irritated some old friends who quickly became non-friends.

Jerry Hicks Cancer and After

When Jerry Hicks announced his illness in a highly deceptive email blast, he said he was midway through a round of “heavy chemotherapy.” This information was so controversial and, in important ways, a death blow to any rational belief in what he and Esther had been selling for years, skeptical interest in them intensified. Many less than hardcore followers pealed off. Then, I started writing Abraham-Hicks articles here on Seekyt.

Jerry Hicks Cancer And The Big Lie – This article sorted through the announcement they made and the reality they decided to ignore. At this point, Esther and Jerry tried to buoy support for the Abraham-Hicks scam by simply not mentioning cancer or leukemia at all, just “heaving chemotherapy,” leaving one hopeful follower on their forum to argue in favor of a spider bite as the cause of his illness. Taking aspirin, she pointed out, was chemotherapy.

Jerry Hicks Cancer Update – After many month, Esther and Jerry Hicks admitted that Jerry was battling cancer. In a statement, Esther struggled to blame their evasiveness on a number of things and even claims, responding to critics, that they never intended to evade the truth about her husband’s illness. They just assumed that everyone would understand that chemotherapy meant cancer, even though they refused to use the word for five months. The Announcement was probably intended, in perspective, to prepare followers for his imminent death.

Jerry Hicks Died, But Guess What? He’s Back! – In one of the weirdest stunts in the history of necromancy, Esther Hicks announced, shortly after his death, that she would begin channeling her dead husband, along with her Abraham presentation. Indeed, the dead Jerry was resurrected as a merry quipster from the other side. The Abraham-Hicks scam took a whole new turn.

Abraham-Hicks The Sequel – Most recently, Esther Hicks and her team have reinvented the Abraham-Hicks persona and how the workshops are presented. Includes a revealing video.

There were other articles and updates you will find linked into these, but this digest gives you an idea of the direction. The Abraham-Hicks scam continues to roll along, although without the same enthusiasm, passion or number of followers. As they try to rev the engine and beef up revenue, it seems likely that the need for updates will be inevitable.