An Accredited Online University: Why it's Essential

Thinking about doing a diploma or degree through an online university? Accreditation is something you need to think carefully about before you enroll.

Although learning new skills and knowledge through an online degree or diploma should be useful there are many pitfalls that you need to avoid. The most essential being the importance between gaining an accredited VS non-accredited qualification. Although that non-accredited course you have your eye on may require less work, be cheaper or just look valuable based on its course information be very wary. Choosing an accredited online university qualification has many benefits that will help you in the future, whereas an non-accredited one may hold you back.

Accreditation Ensures Quality

To become accredited an online diploma or degree must meet an academic standard set by the national Department of Education. This standard will be equivalent to a university degree or diploma that is done on campus at a university. Students of online university courses that are accredited with the Department of Education will therefore meet the same academic standards as students who do not study online. By doing an accredited degree or diploma you are therefore showing future employers that you have a high level of academic excellence that can compete with any other university.

On the other hand, a non-accredited degree or diploma may be a waste of your time and money. Also because it has not been approved for academic standards the quality of knowledge you gain may be of more harm than good.

Accreditation Helps Your Career Path

An accredited degree or diploma can help your career far more than a non-accredited one. A qualification that is not accredited is often ignored by employers and often cannot be used to meet educational requirements needed to enter certain careers or job positions. Accreditation is especially important in professional areas such as psychology. Actually a non-accredited degree or diploma may be seen as unprofessional and as little more than a ‘hobby’ with no practical value in the work or academic worlds.

So it is in your best interests to check out the accreditation status of any degree or diploma you wish to enroll in to ensure your online educational experience will be of benefit to you for years to come.

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