An Empty Altoids Tin iPod Dock

Make a Unique iPod Dock Today

If you are looking for a unique way to be able to charge your iPod, then you will want to try your hand at making the empty Altoids tin iPod dock. This is a simple and stylish way to be able to express your personality while still keeping your iPod charged the way it needs to be. You don’t need a lot to be able to make it happen either – you simply need the empty Altoids tin, your USB wiring, and a universal adapter from Apple that can make your iPod stand up. Then you just need to put in a few minutes of work and you’ll have your own empty Altoids tin iPod dock. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Cut an Opening in the Back and in the Lid

Your cords and universal dock need to be able to sit somewhere. In order to run the cord out of the back of the empty Altoids tin iPod dock, you’ll need to cut a small square from the back of the container. You’ll also need to cut a small hole in the lid of the container to be able to have the universal dock sit properly while it is holding your iPod. You can do this pretty quickly if you have tin snips, but even a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife will do this for you.

Step 2: Install the Wiring

Your iPod likely came with a USB cord that plugs into your computer. What you need to do in this step is run the USB portion of the cable through the back hole of the tin. You’ll also want to connect the charging portion of the cord to the universal adaptor through the lid of the empty Altoids tin iPod dock. Just make sure that the holes you have cut in the tin are big enough to accommodate the wiring. If you cut them too big, it won’t work, so going smaller isn’t a bad thing here and then get progressively bigger until you reach the right size.

Step 3: Glue Down the Lid

In order to make your empty Altoids tin iPod dock stable and permanent, you’ll need to permanently affix the lid of the empty container to the body of it. You can do this with rubber cement, epoxy, or super glue. Don’t worry, though. We are talking about an empty Altoids container here. If you find that you don’t like this docking system, you can just snip it apart at a later date. If you choose not to affix the lid, you may find that the container itself isn’t sturdy enough to support a standing iPod and may topple it over occasionally.

That’s really all it takes to create your own homemade docking system. An empty Altoids tin iPod dock is a great way to express your unique personality while you are charging your iPod up for future use, so be sure to follow these three easy steps today so that you can have one of these too!