An exciting action packed exorcist series – D. Gray-Man

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D. Gray-Man is an action anime that is based around exorcists. Exorcists use weapons composed of an ancient crystal called Innocence. It is the job of the exorcists to cleanse mechanical demons made using the souls of the dead. The demons, called akuma, were created by the main antagonist – the Millennium Earl. The shards of Innocence is used to create Anti-Akuma Weapons, which are used to combat the demons. The Millennium Earl leads a group of superhumans known as the Noah Family, who have the ability to destroy Innocence. The main character is the exorcist Allen Walker.

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The series is 103 episodes long, but the story was not completed. The manga that the anime is based on is much longer. The best thing in the series is the Noah Family. After the flood of Noah, a ‘Noah gene’ awakens in fourteen people at a time. The gene gives them awareness to the ancient past and gives them powerful abilities. I found the Noah Family, as well the Millennium Earl, to be more interesting than the exorcists. The powers of the villains are more powerful than the exorcists in most cases. I was amazed at the huge power gap that was shown between the villains and the protagonists the majority of the time. I found it interesting that the villains get along like a nice family, despite their murderous tendencies.

While the villains are excellent, the exorcists are great also, but not as interesting. The exorcists work for the Black Order to fight against the akuma. The Innocence shards gives each exorcist their own unique abilities. I am drawn to the struggles of the exorcists and I do not want them to lose to the villains, but it is so much more fun to watch the enemies in action.

I recommend this series because of the action and well thought out characters. It is a very unique take of exorcists fighting demons. Mechanical demons is a strange idea, but that idea works for this anime series. I just wish that the series was longer, which it should be to complete the story of the manga.

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An exciting action packed exorcist series – D. Gray-Man, Seekyt
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