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An HONEST Dyson DC65 Review: One Vac to RULE them All!

Dyson DC65 Upright Full Size Vacuum Cleaner

Reviewed By: J. Leigh on February 1, 2014

A cleaning powerhouse. The brand new Dyson DC65, being solely made just for the American household, takes vacuuming to a whole new level & I couldn’t agree with Gizmodo more it definitely ‘makes you feel somewhat superhuman’. It makes very little work of cleaning dirt, debris and pet hair of any surface (works wonders on my tiled & laminate flooring). No wonder really, given that Dyson prove it has ‘twice the suction power’ as other competing non-Dyson vacuums.

Dyson DC65 Attributes & Features

What Dyson have basically done is that they have taken the same framework as the previous full sized upright vacuum cleaner: the Dyson DC41 and given a HUGE revamp — vastly improving its cleaning performance on pretty much all levels (specific details below). Yet, they have still managed to keep it at roughly the same price of just under $500 for a Dyson DC65 multi floor.

The Brilliant

  • It is proven to ‘Clean Better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors‘, having been engineered and rigorously tested ti achieve ‘twice the suction as any other vacuum’.
  • Re-modeled, Re-tuned, Re-Vamped Radial Root cyclone system acts to ‘capture more dirt than any other cyclone system‘ and affords it to be beautifully practical with regards to ‘no loss of suction’ & ‘no need for vacuum bags’ (meaning you can tell exactly when the bin needs emptying and there isn’t the cost of constantly replacing them – ‘no extra costs‘)
  • Built like a Tank, this cleaning machine is made from ABS and polycarbonate (the same stuff used for riot shields & safety helmets) & as you may know, Dyson are very well known for the huge amount of relentless testing that they perform on their products, the DC65 is no different. It is also backed by their industry leading 5 year warranty coverage program – on both parts and labor.
  • The mobility and maneuverability of the Dyson DC65 is unrivaled, it weighs only 17.3 lbs, but because it is also integrated with the famous & very latest Dyson Ball Technology, it means that you can turn around tight corners on a dime. Whereas compared to traditional, heavy upright vacuum cleaners fitted with a fixed wheel mechanism, you would have to drag it back and forth (5 point turns), every time you want t turn around.

The Bad

  • Is there anything I can pin down the DC65 for? Perhaps its price, the DC65 multi floor comes in at $500, the DC65 Animal $600 and DC65 Animal Complete (the big daddy vacuum) at $650. But, then again, this is nothing different from Dyson, they have always been expensive — but you definitely get what you pay for here. I can’t say that the DC65 wasn’t worth every single cent.
  • If I am picky though, I would have perhaps like to have seen some improvement made with regards to the practical specifications (from the DC41) e.g. a slightly bigger bin would have been nice and an greater max reach — also for it to have been a bit lighter. But, I am picking at straws now.

The Darn Right Awesome

  • As you might have just figured out, there are three versions of the DC65: multi floor, animal & animal complete (see here for the key differences between them) — and if you go with the latter version, you get no less than EIGHT highly tuned specialized Dyson attachments & accessories to vastly enhance the cleaning functionality of the DC65 even further. i) Combination Tool, ii) Stair Tool, iii) Up Top Tool, iv) Tangle Free Turbine Attachment, v) Soft Dusting Brush tool, vi) Stiff Bristle Brush, vii) Zorb cleaning powder & viii) tool bag.
  • Traps Allergens, Expels Clean Air‘ and has been certified as Asthma & Allergy Friendly (foundation of America) – the perfect vacuum for those who suffer with breathing difficulties and/or are allergy sufferers.

The Dyson DC65 Overview

Cleaning Performance & Integrated Technology

To achieve its incredible cleaning performance, the DC65 utilizes a range of Dyson engineering triumphs. Firstly, the re-modeled radial root cyclone technology has undergone efficiency enhancing alterations to make it more effective in removing dust & allergens from all floor types. It also has kept the highly advanced ‘self adjusting cleaner head’ that adapts to different floor types (raises for soft carpeted flooring & lowers for wooden flooring) to minimize the air leaks, allowing for a even more optimal suction.

However, the major update that has been achieved with the DC65 is the ‘re-configured brush bar’, which applies ‘25% more power’, driving bristles even deeper into carpets to remove more dirt than previous Dyson models. Not to mention that it also has the largest constant suction power capacity ever fitted into an upright Dyson vacuum ever, 245 Air Watts.

Practical Design, Specifications & Features

As said, nothing much has changed here – which is slightly disappointing, although the DC41 certainly doesn’t let anyone down in this department. It has a large 0.55 gallon transparent bin capacity fitted with the clever little one button press hygienic release mechanism to quickly dispose of dirt. Moreover, it has a max reach of over 50 ft (cord length: 35 ft + telescope reach of 17 ft). In all, it is made perfectly clear there isn’t any job too big for this machine.

Accessories & Attachments

With different versions of the DC65, you get different accompanying tools. The Dyson DC65 multi floor comes with the basic set: a combination tool & stair tool, then the DC65 Animal also comes with the iconic tangle free turbine tool (the best pet hair device you will ever come across). Then finally there is the ‘ULTIMATE’ upright vacuum cleaner, the DC65 Animal complete, the one vac to rule them all.

Should You Invest in a Dyson DC65?

Definitely. It acts not only as an investment, but a treat as well. You will know that this DC65 will last you a long, long time but you also know that it doesn’t get any better than the DC65 cleaning wise — so it will make cleaning your house (especially if you don’t have a Dyson already) — a whole lot easier, in fact maybe even enjoyable. Who knows. I certainly love using it.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Dyson DC65 Review then please make them below. Moreover, if you have found this account review of the DC65 helpful at all, please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

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