An International Virtual Buisiness Where They Pay You For Your Profits

This article could also be named; ‘How To Make Money Online’

In the recent 2 weeks, I have been exploring a website built around the premise of a virtual buisiness. You start as a new citizen of your country. In the beginning you have absolutely no money. You have the opportunaty to be able to work right away. after doing this you will have anywhere from 3.50 to 7 dollars based on the local workforces. This money will help you begin sustaining yourself in this virtual environment.

I would suggest renting a house first. A few days should be good so you can begin sustaining yourself in other ways. For instance you can buy a bottle of wine a day which will keep your wellness up. Your wellness starts at 50 out of 100 and decreases every time you do anything major on the site, hte wine will increase your wellness about 22 to 25. Wellness affects your money in a way of percentages. if you have 50 wellness you get less money than if you had 100 wellness. Make sure you keep your wellness up.

An interesting feature in this site is the fighting feature. If you fight someone and win, you are entitled to a small tax of their earnings, about 7% to 11%. this occurs until someone else attacks then and defeats them. Buying armors and weapons will help you with these. Another factor with fighting is the wellness. When you fight you lose 1 wellness.

After you have built up a bit of a monetary backbone you can build a buisiness and begin selling goods to other plays such as weapons or food. You could also make a virtual news stand to inform others of recent activities.if making things for people isn’t your thing you could also make things for other buisinesses.

Some of the text is in other languages but google translate can help with those few blocks of text.

This site almost seems too good to be true but the catch is the in game government. They can vote for new tax changes and change the bonuses you can get. The taxes go to them and then from the governmental money pool it goes back to people through bonuses.

One of the bonuses that is particularilly helpful is the complete profile bonus and the 5 worked days in a row bonus both around 5 to 15 dollars depending on the current government. There are government elections ever month.

Whats particualrily interesting is that based on markets you can convert your national in gamee currency into in game gold which can be converted to euros which can be converted to paypal so you get paid without paying anything.

The game owners can’t afford to pay everyone all the time if there are thousands of people playing so it is a referral only community to keep numbers lower but we could always use more workers in the community so here is a referral code so you can register;