And After The Happiness Experiment

After The Happiness Experiment, What?

The following article is an excerpt from Amazing: Truths About Conscious Awareness, revised for the web.

Complexity and variety are enriching, and the spray of raw emotion that comes with any experience is what you use as you begin to define it. After that, what you do with your hook into ultimate reality is your to invent.

What we do with our conscious awareness of emotions, what we think about them and how we shape them creates the person we look at and see as our actual, fully informed, in the moment self.

Any of us can learn be a virtuoso at stirring the flow of ultimate reality into what enriches us. I’m not saying that being a master is in any way better than being a joyrider on the waves of spiritual seas, just that conscious awareness of your choices probably means you’ll get more out of them.

Choices With Conscious Awareness

You can always let emotions happen to you, of course, just as you can take your hands off the wheel and see where you go, but you’ll probably crash into something or roll into a safe rut worn down by others.

Of course, any master has a vision and a well-tooled engine for getting there. It’s what you’ve built from ultimate reality that gets us out of bed, after all.

Maybe the reason so few of us have become masters is that our goals aren’t clear, never inspiring us to muscle up.

Take it on faith that experience is the only thing we live for. Experience is what living is. There isn’t anything else.

Conscious Awareness and Lively, Original Experience

Without lively, original experiences, survival isn’t, as they used to say, worth the powder to blow it to hell.

Experience sets us up to draw emotions from every location and level in ultimate reality, the home of our souls. Emotion as a response. Emotion as a motivator. Emotion as a connector. Emotion as the substance of it. Emotion as enriched awakening. Experience is what our conscious awareness is always looking at.

Conscious awareness can’t stop looking, even if things get very dull, but you may fall asleep and never know it.

We can’t sit still when something stirs us. We can’t retreat when pulling back undresses us. Some of the greatest insights have been learned after seekers walked into the deserts of their souls to clear them out.

The clutter of mismanaged lives produces a sort of blindness. We become purblind from staring at the same stuff and feeling the same things about it, day after day, and from quelling the chaos of feelings we didn’t know we could or should manage.

Pack up, toss a knapsack over your shoulders and walk away. In the clarity that follows, you have a better chance to know yourself.

Walking Away, Deeper Into Ultimate Reality

But who has the liberty to walk away? Aren’t our deserts becoming fewer?

A friend takes ten days every year to hike, usually alone and often on the high plains and remote hills of Arizona. There, he can watch the sky shift without distraction. He can get closer to the core of his feelings. He has an opportunity to call up something true, and when he comes back, he’s spiritually and emotionally refreshed. Things are as clear as if he’d been meditating for two-hundred and forty hours.

Most of us can’t do that. We have jobs and responsibilities that can’t be shucked for a week. We take vacations, but we take most of our lives with us, our partners and friends as well as our cell phones, portable computers and personal dramas.

Hell, we didn’t want to leave all that behind anyway. So, we’ll have to find a way to get clear while still finding our way through the usual heavy traffic.

Time to repeat that anyone who hopes to clear themselves out without having a meditation routine is less likely to be successful. You can learn to see yourself in focused silences, and without those moments of seeing, you’re unlikely to know yourself well enough to understand enough of what’s really going on inside you.

So, let’s see try becoming a master of conscious awareness with all that traffic, the ceaseless flow of ultimate reality, stirring and jarring around you.

If you wanted to be the best auto mechanic, you’d need to start with a car and be aware of how it works. First, then, imagine a car. No point in being a great mechanic with idle hands. In this case, the car is you, and the workings are packed with details yet to be learned. The car itself is a puzzle, and the rules of the road are scribbled in a handbook using slang from a foreign language.

Coax yourself to have some fun with it. Road wrecks await. You’ll need a sense of humor.

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