And Google is not synonymous with Search

In 1995 the majority of people confused Windows with Computer. They didn’t get the fact that Windows was an Operating System, and only one of many Operating systems. In fact, there were persons who called themselves techies or even geeks who didn’t know about Linux.

Today that misconception has moved to Search Engines. People believe that Google is the only Search Engine, (save those who think Windows is the only operating system, Internet Explorer the only browser, and use Yahoo.)

As these are in the minority, the majority of Internet users are welded to Google.

What is wrong with Google?

Firstly, Google is not an unbiased source. It defines particular Websites as ‘Content Farms’ or because they block Ads are treated as The Enemy. Items published on sites that Google does not approve up will NOT turn up in a Search Engine or will be on the last page.

Hence if you enter a search term in the Google Box, those sites are automatically given ‘minus’ ratings by Google and fall at the very end. Those sites Google approves of come on top; even if they do not have ALL the search terms, and the one at the bottom does.

Secondly, there’s the anti-privacy clause. Google shares your information with anyone who will buy it. This is why, if you do a search on Greece you will suddenly find ads all over every site you visit connected to Greece.

Imagine if you wanted to know about the 9/11 Bombings for a paper you were writing; don’t be surprised if Home Land Security doesn’t have you on their Watch List.

The anti-privacy extends to gmail. Which is how, if you are discussing the fact you think your neighbour is an alcoholic, you’ll find ads about that subject everywhere you look.

The fact your searches on Google are kept, sorted, sold and utilised is why many users have switched to Bing, or sites like which keeps no record, has no bias.

Moving away from Google (considering the link between it and your private email) is path those interested in security have taken.