Angel Tattoo Design

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas

Men and women equally use this angel tattoo design. It has become very popular these days. So many angel tattoo designs are there, each carrying individual meaning. These tattoos are preferred by men and women to symbolize their religious devotion. More or less in all religions angels are found. One of the very renowned and admired body art pieces is St.Michael, the archangel slaying Satan. These tattoos can be printed on any body part including arms forearms, shoulder, chest, back, lower back. But these angel tattoos are a lot representative to men. Men who are extremely affectionate to women have these tattoos. Though there are so many angel tattoos for women also. You can have much knowledge about angel rib tattoo. Just go through the history of angel tattoo and learn more.

History of Angel Tattoos

Angels are one of the most important components of Christianity, Judaism and Islam also has a significant role in these three religions though there are some differences in these religions. It plays a role of a bridge in between Almighty and common people. They are known as the messenger and also the savior of trust. They are against the evils, record all the good and bad works of people and follow the orders of god. This angel tattoos have some other meaning. Those are tranquility, beauty, ingenuousness and purity, mysticism, protection, devotion, faith and love.

Angel Tattoo Designs

The various sizes of angel tattoos is depending on person. The entire back can be covered by some angel tattoos. Mostly the tattoos are depicted with wings. The classical art are the main source of these tattoo designs. Some are having origin of middle age and Renaissance art. These designs are generally pooled with harps, banners, bows, clouds, cross or a evils. Tribal tattoos can also be a combination. These are some of the angel tattoos described below.

Angel Wing Tattoos:

The angel wing tattoos are pictured as a whole angel in a traditional pose of soaring or resting. So many people are there who only prefer angel wing for designing tattoo, which is mostly made in linking the shoulder, the area where the wing would have been found if human being had wing.

Guardian Angel Tattoos:

These tattoos are having different size. Though it comes in different sizes, it only carries a singular purpose that is to save the person in his good or bad time who have it.

Cherub Tattoos:

These are more or less similar to that of angel tattoos. It is usually reamain uncovered; having wings and seems like a male baby sitting on clouds with trumpets or bows in its hand. These are known as the bringer of affection. Cupid is one of the best examples of cherub.

Archangel Tattoo:

In Greek language the meaning of the word ‘arch’ means leader. There are seven archangels and that has taken the highest position in tattoos. As because they are placed before god in Revelation,so they are believed to be closest of god.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

Just like human being angel also has willpower to decide to do good or bad thing. It’s called fallen angel because the wrong things have been fallen by them. These angels are having a scary look, shabby wing and a horn, and also appeared as thug. Satan, Leviathan and Beelzebub are some of the fallen angels.

Angel of Death Tattoo

It goes under the category of dark tattoos, so as called Grim Reaper. But still there is a difference of between angel death tattoos and Grim Reaper, the angel of death tattoos is having wing and the other one doesn’t have. Some Satan may be categorized under angel of death tattoos.

So many celebrities are there who are proud of having angel tattoos and display them. Several reasons are there starting from religious to artistic for choosing the angel tattoo design but yet they are the fantastic creation of art.