Angry Birds Cupcakes and Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Angry Birds is the biggest success of mobile apps developer Razio that create a massive huge Angry Birds craze among kids and adults.There are many merchandise looking way into the market conjuction of Angry Birds wave by introducing Angry Birds T-Shirts, Plush toys, and Angry Birds costumes.

Here will share with you Angry Birds cupcakes and birthday cakes topper ideas on how you can make your kids begging for more. Keep your eyes on those birds, else you will make then angry for sure!

Birthday cakes makers usually buy a Angry Birds figures and place them as cake topping. You can actually expand creativity by build a evil green pig castle right beside bunch of Angry Birds and give more real like visual effects as it same as actual gaming enviroment.

For cupcakes lover, you can actually decorate by make a green cream layer as topping and put Angry Birds on top of each cupcakes. The green color layer cream will look similar as grass surface. You can also added in small tree beside each cupcake the simulate the Angry Birds game enviroment as well.

Besides, you can place wording and alphabet characters on each of the cupcakes itself like ‘Happy Birthday Andy’ together with different colors of Angry Birds putting side by side those wording.

Alternatively, you can decorate Angry Birds cake by arrange them differently instead of putting them inside a box. You can place them in various kinds of shape for example piramid. Start placing 6 Angry Birds on the bottom then follow by reduce the among of them subsequencely. On the top, you can make a big red Angry Birds that difficiate among of the rest.

Check out and find more about Cool Angry Birds Cupcakes and Birthday Cake Topping Designs.

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