Angry Birds Star Wars, a Xbox one game for the whole family

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Xbox one game Angry Birds Star Wars review

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Angry Birds is a game that was first made by Chrome, but with it’s popularity growing and growing over the years, other gaming systems have made there own version of the game. The game I am reviewing today is Angry Birds Star Wars, it is a game for the Xbox one I am reviewing but other platforms have made this game as well.

This game has different difficulty levels you can play, so it is a easy game to get used to when playing the easier modes. There are a range of different Birds you can use, which have different powers, and they all represent a different character out of the famous Star Wars movies, which is a great little effect. This game would be great for people who like Star Wars, but I must say you do not need to like the movie in order to enjoy the game, as the game play is so great, making it a decent game in it’s own right. You can play the Angry Birds Star Wars game alone, or work together with friends in a multi-player game, so you will never get bored of playing this game, and single player career mode has tones of features to keep you interested, as you unlock stickers and new characters along the way.

This game is really fun to play, adults and older people can easily find this game addictive, the great thing is kids and younger people will enjoy it too, making it a fun game for the whole family to play. The game is easy to learn and not to complicated, yet at the same time still has game play which makes you want too keep playing. With high score competition games you will never get bored as there is always a high score for you to aim for. Overall this is a really great game, I love it and so do my kids, out of many of the games I have this is one which since buying has had the most use, this is because everybody in my house seems to love it.

So if you are looking for a new game for the Xbox one which you can really sink your teeth into, then wait no longer, as this version of the Angry Birds games is well worth buying. It will bring hours and hours of fantastic entertainment and is a game which can be enjoyed by all. I really can not think of anything negative to say about, as since making my purchase of the Angry Birds Star Wars game for the Xbox one, I have been completely happy, I think I will be looking to buy any new games made for Angry Bird in the future.

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Angry Birds Star Wars, a Xbox one game for the whole family, Seekyt
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