Angry Birds Star Wars Costumes

Angry Birds Star Wars Costumes

Angry Birds is a popular video game played on smartphones, Facebook and other venues. You control the birds and try to kill the pigs. Apparently the pigs eat the birds’ eggs or something and that’s what makes them angry (don’t quote me on that).

Star Wars movies are extremely popular, and I don’t think they will every disappear from the movie industry market. Star Wars items are highly collectible and fun, too. You can buy clothing, games, bobble heads, puzzles and more all relating to that movie theme.

Now the two are combined to offer you a unique costume for Halloween and any other costume party you might be planning on attending. Have fun and let your pride fall to the ground when you wear one of these whacky and whimsical Angry Birds Star Wars costumes!

Kids’ Costumes

Kids will enjoy attending their next costume party or going Trick-Or-Treating dressed as a Storm Trooper Angry Birds Pig. This costume is fun and easy to put on, and one thing I like is that there’s no hot mask that will make them sweat or cause breathing problems. I remember I hated Halloween masks when I was a child. They were not fun at all.

Child Stormtrooper Angry Birds Costume Stormtrooper Angry Birds Costume

Adults’ Costumes

Let’s face it…many adults enjoy Halloween and costume parties as much and even more than some children do!

Why not make it a family affair and have the entire family dress up in Angry Birds Star Wars Costumes?!

You’ll be unique and the kids will love the fact that you’re joining in on the festivities!

Angry Birds Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Costume

Darth Vader

What woud Star Wars be without Darth Vader?

This Angry Birds pig costume that looks like Darth Vader is unique and fun!

It’s available in sizes for children and adults.

These costumes are easy and carefree and you don’t have to apply makeup or wear anything special under them.

Enjoy Halloween and your next costume party when you attend as an Angry Birds Star Wars character.

Angry Birds Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Costume

Have Fun & Stay Safe!

The most important thing about any holiday is that you have fun and stay safe.

Don’t allow children to Trick-Or-Treat without an adult, and don’t let them eat candy that you haven’t checked.

Adults, don’t drink and drive!

Keep safety in mind and follow the rules, and you and your children will have an awesome Halloween!

So get your costume ready and go out and have some fun!!!

Child Darth Vader Angry Birds Costume