Animal Crossing, Wild World review, DS games worth buying

Animal Crossing, Wild world

When you start this game you riding in a taxi, with a very talkative taxi driver, he will ask which city you want to go to, and then drop you off at the Town Hall. After this Pelly will talk to you a little more, and you will be ready to go exploring the town. In this game you are given your own house, it is only small, but you are allowed to decorate it, and make it better, rugs, lamps and stereos are a good touch.

You can buy a bigger house in this game, but to do this you will need enough cash to pay for the mortgage, you pay for this at the Town Hall, and the rent money goes straight to Tom Nook. A few of the characters in Animal Crossing, Wild World, are Brooker the bull dog who runs the lost and found, Brewster a pigeon who serves you coffee at the museum, Celeste the owl and caretaker and Copper, a dog who is obviously a police officer. These are just a couple of the great characters you can expect to meet whilst playing this game, there are many more.

There is also a whole range of tools which can be won during this game, things like the catapult, fishing rod and shovel, which all have there different uses to you, whilst you are playing this game. You can get a map at the click of a button, so you can be sure never to get lost in town, knowing your way around is important whilst playing this game. For gamers needing money when starting out on Animal Crossing, Wild World, then here is a tip, go to the beech and pick up some sea shells, they can be swapped for profitable bells from the Tom Nook shop. There is also ways to sell a whole load of other things too, as you will see as the game moves on.

It has got to be said, the graphics on this game are not amazing, yet I would say they are playable, although there not great, I would not say they are so bad they ruin your gaming experience. One thing which I have to say about this game is that it’s game play value is brilliant, it really is the type of game that once you get into, you just can’t stop. There is no particular types of people I think would buy this game, it is a game for all people of all ages, as the quality of it’s game play makes it interesting for all. For gamer’s looking for a new DS game to buy, or casual gamer’s looking for a new game to get into, I can highly recommend this game Animal Crossing, Wild World. It is a unique and interesting game, which has the power to get you hooked.