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Animal-themed Weddings, What are Your Planning Choices?

Dogs Wearing Wedding Attire

Animals hold a special place in most people’s hearts. Whether it’s a favorite type of animal or a loved pet, using animals in your wedding can add meaning to your special day. There are so many types of ways to incorporate animals, making it a great theme to choose.

What Type of Animal Should You Choose?
You can choose any animal you want. Any animal can be the basis of a theme. You can use their colors or shapes on your decorations. If you want to base your wedding around a pet, you can even include the pet in your ceremony.

Incorporating Colors
If you have a very colorful pet, you may want to base your color scheme around it. For instance, parrots are a great example. Don’t forget that dogs or cats can help with color schemes, too. If they have a beautifully colored cat and always wear the same colored collar, you could use those hues in your wedding décor.

Involving Pets in Your Wedding
You can bring pets to your wedding ceremony. It’s possible to have someone watch as they sit in the audience, or have them play a more active role. Whichever option you choose, it should be based on your pet’s demeanor. You don’t want a dog that is hard to walk being led down your aisle, as that could spell disaster. Think about your pet and what duty would be best for him or her.

Waking Your Pet Down the Aisle
If you choose to have your dog play an active part in the ceremony, you may want one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen walk him or her down the aisle. You can dress them for the occasion by placing him or her in a new collar or using a fancy leash. Some dogs are even tolerant to wearing costumes, such as a tux. Just make sure your dog is old enough to be obedient so he or she doesn’t stray off course or give his handler trouble.

Have Your Pet be the Ring Bearer
For well-disciplined dogs, it’s possible to have them play a very active role in your ceremony. It’s possible to attach the ring boxes or a ring pillow to a dog’s collar and have them serve as the ring-bearer. You and your fiancé then remove the rings from the dog when saying your vows.

On Invitations
You may have photos of the two of you with your beloved pets. This may be a good thing to incorporate in your wedding invites. For example, use a small photo of all of you as a family and place it in the cards to remind your guests that they are a part of your special day.

Use Photos at the Wedding
Even if you can’t include your pets in the ceremony or reception, you can always use treasured photos of them as part of the wedding décor. You don’t need a professional photographer for this, just gather your favorites and get creative.

Ways to Incorporate an Animal Theme in Your Wedding

Frosting Swans on Wedding CakeCake Shapes
It is possible to cut your cake (or smaller cakes for the guests) into the shape of the animal you choose for your wedding theme. An alternative to this is to have fun animal-shaped cookies. A huge trend is cup cakes instead of the regular cake. So, why not have them decorate with the animal of choice on top? It is such a fun way to incorporate your theme. The icing on any dessert is easy to match with the animal itself, and it will tie into the overall décor nicely.

Cake Decorations
There are many ways to decorate a cake to match your theme. You may find tiny inserts, almost like candles, in the shape of your chosen animal. You might be able to have your baker decorate the cake with icing in a manner that represents your theme (like the cupcakes discussed above). Whatever your choice, it is a great and easy way to drive the animal theme home on your big day.

Accessories for Flowers
It is very popular these days to decorate your bouquet with something other than flowers. For example, many women choose to place feathers in their bridal bouquets as well. This is a lovely choice of your wedding theme is based on a peacock or other beautiful bird.

Accessories for Clothes
As with flowers, it is now much more common to include accessories with your wedding dress. This could be as simple as using a bridal belt adorned with feathers, or even have one custom made that has a funky imprint or pattern of the chose theme animal. If you really want to be daring, how about having lace cut-outs of an animal sewn into your bridal gown for an extra special look. This could be stunning if you used an animal such as a dove or butterfly.

Jewelry and Headpiece Accents
Bridal jewelry has come a very long way. It is an essential part of the bridal ensemble and jewelry can definitely have an animal feel to it. There are so many brides that are sporting feathers in their hair to get that trendy look. Feathers are available in the form of headbands, combs, hair pins and more. Also, don’t forget about your necklace, earrings and bracelet. Here, you could incorporate your chosen animal as a charm around your neck or wrists. And even feather earrings are available for the non-traditional bride.

Food Shapes
Cakes and cookies are not the only food items that can be carved into animal shapes. You can have a fruit, like watermelon, carved into any shape you want, including that of an animal. This could serve as a lovely centerpiece. Also, think about small ice sculptures or one large one chiseled into the shape of an animal. Makes a great statement piece or pieces as décor.

The favor is the one thing that your guests will get to take home with them. This is an easy and inexpensive way to use your animal theme. You can get animal candles, candies, keychains and much more. There are so many awesome choices!

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