Animals in the playground!

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A few days ago I was watching the cricket match between Bangladesh and West Indies in television which was being telecasted live from Grenada. Suddenly the camera started to show a dog which has somehow entered the playground. It crossed the boundary line and entered the main play ground and then simply walked away. It certainly added some fun in a long monotonous match and the commentary dudes had something interesting to talk about at last.

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In the next match between Bangladesh and West Indies in Grenada one day after, the same incident happened. Another dog entered the playground and entered the main field by crossing boundary. But this dog didn’t simply walk away and instead it started walking toward the pitch. So, umpire had to come and frighten the dog away. But the commentators again got something interesting to discuss.

Who says only dogs can enter the playground? Cats can do it too!

During the match between Barcelona and Elche which was Barcelona’s first match in this La Liga, a black cat entered the ground and interrupted the match and was at last ‘Caught’ by a security staff of the ground. It’s kind of a mystery that how come a cat broke the top class security system and entered the field.

Let’s time travel back to February, 2012. Tottenham vs. Liverpool match in Anfield was going on. Suddenly a cat entered the field in the 11th minute and caused an unwanted break in the game. But this cat got popularity in England and people started calling it “Anfield Cat”.

Last year in EPL, a fat white poultry hen entered the playground during the match of Blackburn vs. Burnley match. But this hen was let to enter the field willingly. Because of some reasons the supporters of Blackburn were protesting the owner of Blackburn club then. The owner of the Blackburn is Venky’s which is a poultry farm. So the Blackburn supporters showed their dissatisfaction by letting a poultry hen enter and interrupt the match.

Cats, Dogs, Hen… Next up is a wild fox!

During a Rugby match between England and Scotland in 2011, a fox somehow entered the playground. How did it do it? It’s still a mystery! None has any idea about from where that fox came or how it entered the field.

Ok there are some sad stories too. In 2011, during a match between Deportivo Pereira and Atletico Junior in Columbian league, an owl which served as the mascot of Atletico entered the play ground. It was flying in low height from the ground and was hit with the ball and landed on the ground in the middle of the field. Louis Moreno of Deportivo, becoming impatient, tried frightening it away by kicking it and succeeded. But sadly after that incident the Owl injured by the kick died in shock in a local veterinary clinic. Louis Moreno was punished by the committee of Columbian league and Louis later apologized for his work.

I assume you’re now sad reading about that poor Owl, but my target of writing this is to give entertainment so let’s hear about some other cases which were pretty funny.

In the Swiss Super League football, a match between FC Thun and FC Zurich was going at a full pace until a wild marten a small animal like ferret invaded the field bobbing and weaving through the players, escaping capture, at last found it’s refuge in the stands. But as soon as the game started again, the marten entered the field again(I guess it wanted to play) but Zurich defender Loris Benito impressively jumped, tackles and captured that marten but was bitten on his finger(the interesting picture is given below). It almost escaped again but the goalkeeper of Zurich Davide Da Costa made a successful ‘save’ by grabbing the marten with his one gloved hand and ended this.

During the Dunhill Links in Scotland, a dog invaded the golf course out of nowhere and temporarily stole the golf ball. When golfer Paul Case was about to line up for a putt, the dog ran onto the 12th green and after picking up the ball, it ran off.

There are many such cases where games were interrupted by animals, or even insects. I have seen cases where a match was canceled because of a group of bees invading the field and attacking the players. A soccer game was interrupted by cows(yeah a small one). It ran into the field the field with his presumed owner in tow, winded and ragged. Luckily the players could chase it away.

Little internet research will give you many videos of these funny incidents, check them out if you want.

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