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Ankle Weights with Adjustments


Ankle weights with adjustments are simply adjustable ankle weights, which means that you can adjust the weight. There are ankle weights that are not adjustable and this is great if you don’t have the desire to ever increase the weight. However, there are exercises with ankle weights that are more beneficial when you increase weight, a little at a time, to make the exercise harder. When exercises become easy the end result is no results!

In other words, you won’t see any change. While something is always better than nothing, it only makes sense when you invest valuable time to exercise that you will eventually see visible results. Adjustable ankle weights, many times, are not used to their full potential and this is due to people not knowing how to use them properly. One of the best uses for leg weights is core body toning, which is primarily the abs, hips, thighs, butt and lower back.

Core toning exercises are typically no impact exercises and are usually done on an exercise mat. It is not a good idea, nor is it safe, to use leg weights for any type of exercise that is high impact or really any impact at all and this includes walking. It’s much better to wear a weighted vest when doing impact exercises. Added weight of any kind should be placed as close to the center of the body as possible, so that weight is more evenly distributed.

When choosing ankle weights it’s good to know a little something about them. One of the most important choices, especially when they’re adjustable ankle weights, is the material inside. The softer ones are either sand or lead shot and the metal bars are steel or iron. Speaking from experience, metal bars are better as long as there is extra padding for a comfortable fit. The sand or lead shot bags tend to get punctured too easily and leak.

Brand matters as well, some of the most popular brands of ankle weights with adjustments are Valeo, TKO (my favorite), GoFit, Altus Athletic and All Pro. All of them have positive reviews and high ratings on Amazon where you can also compare prices.

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Ankle Weights with Adjustments
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