Announcing the Low Hanging Fruit Official Challenge

All Positions Have Been Filled – Check Back Later!

After considerable time spent learning new tactics to keep up with the latest Google changes and policies, I have come to realize that the business of writing articles on the internet has changed substantially. With this being said, some of the tactics that I teach in the keyword research tutorial may be a little more difficult than previously though to earn money with. While the points made are still valid from a traffic point of view, the keywords that you get through this process may not be the best possible keywords. With that in mind, I am putting together an official challenge unlike anything we have previously done here at Seekyt. This new challenge will only be open to 10 members, on a first-come-first-serve basis who meet a specific criteria (see below). For all participants, I will be providing small batches of keywords in a broad niche of your choice, with fewer than 100 competitors and at least 50 monthly searches. Many of your keywords will have less than 10 competitors, which may or may not guarantee a first page ranking for your article. This challenge will not require the same kind of backlinking that is demonstrated in the SEO tutorial. Instead, this challenge is all about picking the low hanging fruit (long tail keywords that spammers and internet marketers don’t waste their time on), writing a great article, and ranking on the basis of great content only – something Google wants you to do anyway. If you want backlinks, some simple things like interlinking from other articles here at Seekyt or on other websites you write at, and Tweeting with hashtags or sharing your article on relevant Facebook pages may suffice. If you would like to focus more on writing than on off-page SEO, this may be an excellent opportunity for you. I will send you small batches of keywords at a time, complete with the number of competitors (Market Samurai) and the number of global monthly searches (Google Keyword Tool). It will then be up to you to simply perform competition analysis (Search in Google for your keyword, see if you can write a better article than your top 10 competitors, check their backlinks at, and write a high quality, keyword-focused article. You will then rinse and repeat for as many keywords as possible, and attempt to get a high ranking for as many keywords as possible, allowing you to focus on writing rather than link building while still getting a good amount of traffic. It may take a month (or much, much longer) of backlinking to rank an article high enough to get 1,000 visits per month. It might take 20 days to write 50 articles that each receive 10 organic visits per month (or some other combination of time and quantity of articles). Now – lets get specific: this challenge is not open to everyone. Because of the time investment involved on my behalf, I will only send you a couple of keywords to start with. Once you write articles at Seekyt and prove you are not just stealing my keywords for your own website, I will send you more keywords at your request. I am opening this challenge to ten (10) Seekyt authors with at least 20 published articles who are active in our community and who consistently write descriptive, well written articles and demonstrate an excellent grasp of the English language. There are at least 200 authors who meet this criteria, so this will be first come, first serve. To Apply for Entry, Send Me a Message With a Request At the end of 30 days, we will analyze your keywords and rank, as well as the official increase in traffic. I will then decide whether to begin offering this to 10 new authors (or maybe even more) each month. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Lets hear it in the comments –