Anti Corruption Policy

A global anti corruption policy is needed. Corruption costs trillions of dollars every year. It’s hard to stop and the effects are not overtly apparent. Corruption slows down the growth of countries and slows down the increases of standards of living for billions of people around the world every year. Billions of people suffer from lower wages and a lower standard of living so that a few people can benefit from their own self-important, selfish motives, ethics and behavior.

In public, everyone perceives that stopping corruption is a noble motive. When overt anti corruption policy is discussed though, the powerfully corrupt start saying something different. The need for national security and privacy are great excuses to hinder effective anti corruption policies. Only corrupt individuals will fight against effective anti corruption policy.

Anti corruption policy ensures compliance by employees, officers, politicians and the public to act against bribes, kickbacks and other motivated decision making. It holds violators accountable and is transparent. This transparency is the pillar of all anti corruption endeavors.

Without anti corruption policy the rule of law is undermined, distorted markets, inferior or dangerous products are produced, the quality of life is eroded and organized crime, terrorism and other security threats will flourish. In effect, a human rights, constitutional democracy is undermined.

Stamping out corruption is not as difficult as we think it is. We all know the RIGHT thing to do, it’s that easy. We know the right thing to do and when we question if what we are doing is right, then it’s probably not. Living your life with uncompromised integrity, genuineness, honesty and transparency will lead to a corrupt free society.

There are nefarious people who only care for their own needs, we all need to care for our own needs but some take it further with a disregard of the consequences as long as they get their share. They use positions of influence and sometimes in systemic corruption feel obliged to use their position to influence corrupt practices.

Allowing corrupt practices to continue or to not report corrupt practices is just as bad as instigating corrupt practices. Most say it’s not my business or if we report it, it will only bring us difficult times. Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do, but until we all practice doing the right thing, then it will only be easier to not do the right thing. Peace of mind cannot be bought, it needs to be earned from morals and character, doing the correct thing is the only way to develop moral character and self-esteem.

In today’s complex societies with strong ties to the past culturally and structurally it’s sometimes difficult to even understand an act as corrupt. Recognizing corruption is sometimes difficult particularly when it is ubiquitous in your daily life. This paragraph on corruption helps shed the light on a definition of corruption.

An anti corruption policy needs to be enforced on all citizens of all countries. The results of this type of policy, especially if enforced would benefit more individuals each year than any other policy implemented on earth so far. It’s far time we start taking fighting corruption seriously.